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Dr. Alveda King Evokes a Spiritual Experience


Bill Miller


Who hasn’t felt goose bumps from Dr Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech? It has stood the test of time, in particular the final “Free at Last!” To this day it sends a shutter up my spine. Why?

I believe God likes to work through people. God was speaking to us through Martin that day and that Friday afternoon, in the lobby of the Willard Hotel in Washington, God spoke to me through Alveda; there is no doubt in my soul about that.

Project Shining City’s Jeff Bruzzo and I were waiting at the Willard Hotel for our partners in the project, my friends Fabizio Bivona of Tea Party Daily News and Vanessa Jean Louis of Hip Hop Republican… We had already made our first stop at the Americans For Prosperity Event at the Marriot Wardham Park Hotel. I had been looking at schedules and had a book signing scheduled for Saturday night with Michelle Malkin at the MOM of America event at the Marriot Metro. But that was only after filming Glenn Beck’s event, as well as doing some campaign commercial ad filming for Christine O’Donnell’s United States Senate campaign. It was looking at being a fast paced chaotic weekend.

She enters the room flanked by security, but with a calm inner peace about her, a peace I’ve seen before in the very well balanced, spiritually fit individuals, I’ve had the pleasure to know. And she sat in the chair indicated by the interviewers. I had already expressed the fact from my own humble opinion of course that we should concentrate on the spiritual, let others ask about her famous family and the NAACP. But God has his own plans and laughs at mine. I always pray thy will not thine be done, and that is what happened.

While the interviewers were getting ready, I sat next to her, I said Dr King, "I’d like to talk with you for a few minutes. . . not about Uncle Martin or politics.. . . I want to speak to you as a minister." She immediately agreed, and I began discussing several events and decisions I had made in my life the pain and suffering I caused others and felt. I was the devils advocate spreading misery and despair and the light of God was out in me, I was selfish, Egotistical and morally bankrupt, I believed sex drugs and rock’n roll, and looked for relief of bondage everywhere outside myself. I told her things that I never wanted to see daylight.

And then she told me little of her journey relating her experience to mine. I began to feel good, then we were interrupted by the crew, they were ready to roll. Feeling I didn't get the whole message intended for me, I went and slumped against a corner wall. Well she wasn't through yet, what happened next was amazing, she answered the questions by Fab and Vanessa and as she did each, she looked at me smiling and continued elaborating on the word to me! I felt a sudden warmth and the presence of God, I smiled and cried simultaneously and saw the joy expressed on her face. She was receiving her joy from helping me. I felt healed.

I carried that feeling into Beck’s event and was re fortified spiritually by the event. It helped clarify the entire weekend for me, and it’s funny how everything worked out perfectly well and in sync for me also. On Saturday afternoon as the bagpipes played Amazing Grace and I looked at her from the Camera Throw about fifty feet away, I got a second rush of that feeling.  Like God did with her Uncle Martin, God choose that day to work through Alveda to help someone else, in this case me. I also believe it worked for me because I was ready to receive it. I have long since reformed my ways and I believe the light of God is in me every day now.  However, I need to be recharged and I still need to humble myself before the burning bush. Because I was ready, God used all tools that were also ready and available; I will never forget that day.  Now, typing this, it is Monday afternoon, three days later and the rapture having receded somewhat, l still I know that as long as I’m willing and open, God will continue to keep the power level of the holy spirit turned up a little higher in my soul.

Perhaps the country needed to feel the pain (always a great motivator) from the absence of the light of god? It may have been necessary so that when it returns, we all know from, whence it came.


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