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Silent No More

Women speak up about tragedy of Abortion


Sueann Howell
Staff Writer

Catholic News Herald, Diocese of Charlotte, NC


CHARLOTTE — Many women who have been affected by abortion never share their stories. The memories, the emotions and the pain are just too much to deal with. But for some women, opening up and reaching out has been a blessing and a
source of healing.

Silent No More is an organization which gives women and men the opportunity to share their experiences and heal the wounds that abortion leaves behind.

Debbie Capen, assistant director at Room at the Inn, a Catholic maternity and aftercare program in Charlotte, had an abortion when she was in college and is now active in pro-life ministries and Silent No More.

“The first time I attended a Silent No More event, my abortion was still a secret,” Capen says.

“I had confessed it to my priest, my husband and a few select friends, but that was it. So as I arrived to the Silent No More rally that day, my intention was simply to be a friendly and
understanding face in the crowd of spectators. I never expected that hearing other women share their abortion experience would help me to step out of the lonely darkness of secrecy into the healing light of truth. Yet that’s exactly what happened.”

“After sharing my story that day, I was encouraged by the leaders of Silent No More to attend a retreat for post-abortive men and women called Rachel’s Vineyard. Going to Rachel’s Vineyard was like spending the weekend with God’s Divine Mercy. Even though I had already experienced forgiveness through the sacrament of reconciliation, Rachel’s Vineyard brought much needed emotional healing and hope.

“Since that first Silent No More Rally, I have shared my story at churches, schools and even the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. Not every post-abortive woman is called to publicly share her testimony, but I believe that God has asked this of me. It never gets easier, but if I can help one young woman avoid the tragedy of abortion, and another post-abortive woman find forgiveness, then it is all worth it.”

More information about Silent No More can be found at, or contact Charlotte regional coordinator Andrea Hines at charlotte@ Go online to learn more about Rachel’s Vineyard, which offers weekend retreats across the U.S. for any woman or man who has struggled with the emotional and spiritual pain of an abortion, at


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