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Pavone: Pro-Lifers Will ‘Intensify Both Our Language and Protests’ Against Abortion


Susan Berry

Breitbart News Network -


The national director of Priests for Life asserts the pro-life community will intensify its protests against Planned Parenthood and abortion, despite attempts by abortion advocates to link pro-life “rhetoric” with the shooting by a deranged man at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. 

In a press release, Father Frank Pavone says there is “no justification for keeping silent.”

“The senseless and universally denounced shootings that took place in Colorado Springs on Friday have brought a number of inquiries to me and other pro-life leaders regarding whether we intend to soften our language or modify our actions regarding Planned Parenthood and abortion generally,” Pavone says. “In short, the answer is ‘No.’ In fact, we will intensify both our language and our protests.”

Pavone’s statement comes as many supporters of Planned Parenthood have seized upon the opportunity of the shooting to defend the taxpayer-funded abortion business after videos were released over the past several months exposing its apparent practices of harvesting the body parts of aborted babies for sale and altering the position of unborn babies in order to harvest intact organs.

Pavone observes that the pro-life community does not participate in or condone violence.
“Our messages and our protests did not start because of irresponsible and deranged perpetrators of violence, nor will they change or cease because of such people,” he continues, adding:

Planned Parenthood — and the abortion industry generally — are dismembering and decapitating little children on a daily basis, and for a profit. We describe abortion that way because that is how medical textbooks describe it.

“A long curved Mayo scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus,” Dr. Warren Hern explains in Abortion Practice, p. 154.

The U.S. Supreme Court, moreover, has described abortion procedures in detail. “The doctor grips a fetal part with the forceps and pulls it back through the cervix… The friction causes the fetus to tear apart. For example, a leg might be ripped off the fetus as it is pulled through the cervix and out of the woman. The process of evacuating the fetus piece by piece continues until it has been completely removed.”  (U.S. Supreme Court, Gonzales vs. Carhart, April 18, 2007, describing the D&E procedure).

“If these things were not true, there would be no justification to say them; but since they are true, there is no justification for keeping silent,” Pavone asserts. “Our language reveals these horrors and opposes them, but the language of the abortion industry not only admits these realities but justifies them. That’s the kind of language that does damage to the moral framework of our society.”

In a column at Tuesday, Pavone noted that abortion advocates are suggesting members of the pro-life community are “extremists” and “domestic terrorists” who are responsible for inciting violence.

Most members of the Democrat congressional delegation from Connecticut, for example, asserted following the shooting that the pro-life Republican candidates’ “rhetoric” against Planned Parenthood had incited violence and domestic terrorism.

“It’s still early,” said U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, according to the Hartford Courant. “But if the intent here is to intimidate others into walking away from reproductive health services, it certainly looks like a terrorist act.”

Murphy added, while he does not believe anyone can “draw a straight line between the rhetoric of the Republican candidates and murder,” he is certain “that the Republicans are lying through their teeth about Planned Parenthood.”

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