Encourage Your List to Vote

Dear Colleagues:

One of the key things we can still do prior to the end of this election season is to send an email to our lists, and post it on our websites, urging our people to vote and to get as many others as possible to vote as well.

Below we have provided you with sample text to use.

Thank you.
Fr. Frank

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The decisions Americans make on November 3 at the polls will determine the shape of America for decades to come. The choice of a President and a Congress, along with numerous other public officials, will determine the direction of countless policy decisions, the makeup of the Supreme Court, the lives of millions of unborn children, the religious liberty of our citizens -- just to mention a few things.

One day of voting -- decades of consequences.

Please be sure to vote on November 3 and to get others to vote as well!

Reach out to other like-minded people -- via phone, email, personal contact, Facebook, Twitter, etc. -- offering them help to get to the polls if necessary.

Thank you for your commitment as an active, informed citizen, and let us all pray for the good of our nation and its future!