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As I hit the road here’s what I need from you 

July 8, 2019


After an uplifting weekend at the National Right to Life Convention, I’m now in Washington, D.C. brainstorming and strategizing with others on how to sustain the incredible pro-life momentum we’ve built up since Donald Trump’s election to the White House.

As I’m sure you know, pro-abortion fanatics have stepped up their attacks on innocent, peaceful pro-life heroes – both verbally and physically.    

In order for Priests for Life to help our fellow pro-life activists, I need you to take a moment right now to make as large a tax-deductible contribution to Priests for Life that you can.

I need you to do this for two reasons.  

First, because it’s the middle of summer and the time of year when donations dwindle.  This year is no exception and Priests for Life needs a financial “shot in the arm” right away.

The situation is so urgent that I couldn’t wait till I’m back at Priests for Life headquarters to ask you for help.

The second reason why your help is so critical right now is the pro-abortion fanaticism that I mentioned above.  

The level of vitriol coming from the pro-aborts is worse than anything I’ve ever witnessed in my thirty plus years fighting them.

These people have become unhinged in their hatred for our unborn brothers and sisters.  So much so, in fact, that they are expanding their rabid “abortion till birth” agenda to include newborn babies.

Not only that but these anti-life fanatics are viciously attacking all who oppose them.  These attacks include actual physical assaults.  The goal is to terrorize pro-lifers like you and me in the hope of making us so afraid for our safety that we’ll back down and quit the fight.

That’s how terrorists operate.  They instill fear in the hearts of their enemies and make them feel isolated and alone.   

Well, their bullying tactics are not going to work on us.

And that’s what makes our current financial situation so frustrating.  As the pro-aborts step up their bullying of pro-lifers, the pro-life movement looks to Priests for Life for hope, assurance and leadership.

I found this out first hand while at the National Right to Life Convention.  Many people thanked me for the courageous manner in which Priests for Life supports their work and helps them stand up to pro-abortion bullies. 

I don’t have space in this short note to remind you of all the ways Priests for Life uses your tax-deductible gifts to do this work.  Besides, you already know most of it.

What I will tell you is this: Abortion (which always overflows into killing born children) is the single greatest threat facing our nation.  These evils will destroy America if they and their monstrous promoters succeed.

That’s why we fight against them as fiercely as we do.  Their culture of death agenda is the antithesis of God’s loving Culture of Life.  And He has raised us up – you, me, the Priests for Life family … along with the entire pro-life movement – to safeguard, promote and defend LIFE.

And when it comes to that mission, Priests for Life is leading the way.  

So please help keep Priests for Life on the front lines of this fight by rushing us the very best tax-deductible contribution you can make today.

I look forward to seeing your reply on my desk when I return to Priests for Life headquarters next week.

Thank you for your help and may God bless you.


Fr. Frank Pavone 

NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and mail it to us at: PO Box  236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.  If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 888-735-3448. 



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