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$265,000 End of Year

Matching Gift Challenge

November 2022


I cannot thank you enough for the generous and steadfast manner in which you have partnered with Priests for Life to bring us to this point in our fight to end the injustice of abortion.

A year ago at this time we were hopefully awaiting the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. Today we are grateful that it did. Praise God!

But as the soon-to-be concluded mid-term elections showed (“soon-to-be” because the battle for Georgia’s Senate seat won’t be decided until December 6 …  if then), we have a LOT of work to do in order to end America’s abortion holocaust.

Knowing this, and understanding the vital role Priests for Life plays in the fight to defend our unborn brothers and sisters, several of your fellow Priests for Life members banded together and put up a $265,000 Matching Gift challenge for this special End of Year campaign.

From now until December 31, they will match every gift to Priests for Life dollar-for-dollar up to and including $265,000. 

As you can see, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to not Only DOUBLE your donation but even more importantly to DOUBLE your impact in the fight to end abortion.  That said ...

... I urge you to take full advantage of this $265,000 Matching Gift challenge and make as large a donation to Priests for Life as you can right now.

And remember, your gift will be doubled

The reason I’m so grateful for this Matching Gift opportunity – and why I’m counting on you to be part of it – is twofold.

First, because the inflation which pro-abort Joe Biden created has taken a toll on donations to Priests for Life. We’re all but tapped out financially. We exhausted every dollar you and other stalwart pro-life heroes like you invested in our non-stop battle to oppose the radical abortion agenda of the Democrats and promote the election of strong pro-life candidates to both Congress – in both the House and Senate – and state capitals across the country.

At the same time we did our very best to rally pro-life Americans to reject radical anti-life ballot initiatives in several states.

Bottom line: Priests for Life was stretched to the financial breaking point in our efforts to break the stranglehold which pro-abortion extremists in the Democrat Party have had on the country.

And while we suffered some defeats, we also had many successes. For example:

  • We WON the House of Representatives! No more Democrat stranglehold!
  • Twelve governors who signed pro-life laws WON re-election!
  • In the popular vote across the country, over 5 million more people voted for pro-life candidates than for pro-abortion candidates, and a higher percentage of voters identified as conservatives than as progressives.
  • Among Catholics, pro-life candidates received a ten-point advantage over pro-abortion candidates. Moreover, the pro-life Republican Party achieved record high numbers of Black and Hispanic votes.

Unfortunately, we lost abortion-related ballot measures in several states.

One of those fights took place in Michigan. But even though a majority of Michigan voters approved the deadly Proposal 3, the margin of victory was not as great as pro-abortion forecasters were predicting. And the Churches stepped up to the plate and spoke out on this issue.

I mention this because it shows you that while we have a lot of hard work ahead of us if we’re going to make abortion not merely illegal but even more importantly unthinkable, we have an army of dedicated pro-life warriors who are willing to go toe-to-toe with the anti-life extremists at Planned Parenthood and in the Democrat Party.

And that’s the second reason why I’m counting on you to do whatever you can to help Priests for Life take full advantage of this incredible $265,000 Matching Gift Challenge.

Our work together here at Priests for Life is crucial because, fresh off some Election Day wins, the pro-aborts are gearing up for assaults on other state constitutions. As I mentioned to you in a prior letter, when the Supreme Court overturned Roe they returned the matter of abortion to the people and their elected representatives.

In doing so the Court opened a door for the pro-life movement to march through and enact laws and establish policies that protect mothers and babies from abortionists like convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell.

But while that door is open to us it’s also open to the enemies of life. And they are massing their troops to make sure their deadly policies become the law in all fifty states.

We must not let them succeed.

And with your steady and consistent support we will defeat these heralds of the culture of death.

Which brings me back to our just launched $265,000 Matching Gift Challenge.

I’m not sure whether or not you remember but the overall budget for our Plan of Action to End Abortion is $5,000,000. It is by far the largest single project budget in Priests for Life’s 30 plus year history.

But it is as large as it is because the Plan of Action is all-encompassing, covers all fifty states, and includes every component of our ministry.

That said, and given the matter of Priests for Life’s all but empty coffers, it’s absolutely critical that Priests for Life maximize this $265,000 Matching Gift Challenge because we need the $530,000 Priests for Life is in line to receive from this Match to form the financial base upon which our nationwide $5,000,000 Plan of Action to End Abortion will be built.

As you prayerfully consider how large a donation to make think of the unborn babies whose lives you strive to save, as well as their mothers and fathers. Then be as generous as you always have been.

For my part I make you this promise:

Priests for Life will never abandon the field of battle to the Democrats and the abortion industry. As God’s people, we can do better than abortion! Far better!

And with your help today, we will.

As the recognized face and voice of the pro-life movement, Priests for Life has worked tirelessly for decades to educate, energize and equip state and local pro-life groups, legislators, and activists. Our team has established personal relationships with countless numbers of state legislators.

Priests for Life is proud of our members and allies in the many states where legislators have worked hard to protect children in the womb. At last count 24 states have enacted laws that protect mothers and babies from the ravages of abortion. That’s almost half the country! So we’re not starting from scratch with our Plan of Action to End Abortion. Our people are already in place.

Now it’s simply a matter of organizing them into a fighting force that can go toe-to-toe with the anti-life extremists at Planned Parenthood and in the Democrat Party.

You and Priests for Life have been working hard to open the eyes of those blinded by ignorance. The science is clear. From the moment of conception, the child in the womb is a human being. They deserve the full protection of the law.

Fortunately more and more Americans are coming to recognize that truth and I am convinced that we are on the verge of a great awakening when it comes to the taking of life by abortion.

Now we need to go about convincing these same Americans to inspire their elected representatives to protect the youngest and most vulnerable members of our human family, namely, our unborn brothers and sisters … and their mothers!

And that is precisely what Priests for Life is determined to do throughout 2023 and for as long as it takes to win total victory over abortion. I’ll have more to tell you about all this as I share with you in future letters and emails more details from our Plan of Action to End Abortion.

Today I need you to focus on the $265,000 Matching Gift offer that’s been presented to us and this incredible opportunity to replenish our coffers and establish the financial foundation upon which that Plan of Action will be built.

Please do everything you can to make as large a donation to Priests for Life as you can and help us capitalize on this blessed opportunity, keeping in mind that the amount of the donation you make right now will be doubled.

As you prayerfully consider how large of a donation to make, think of the unborn babies whose lives you strive to save, as well as their mothers and fathers. Then be as generous as you always have been. 

Thank you, for what I know will be your very best gift.

I’ll close this urgent appeal for help with the promise that in heartfelt thanks for you and the strength of your resolve to protect the youngest members of our human family from the Democrats and all those who seek to kill them, I remember you at every Mass I offer.

God sees into your heart and knows all that you do to protect His defenseless children. And He will bless you because of the love you show for these, the most vulnerable of His children.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life


NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and mail it to us at:

PO Box  236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.  In order to qualify for the Matching Gift offer your check must arrive in our offices no later than midnight December 31.  If you have any questions, call us at 321-500-1000.


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