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October 2019



The Pro-abortion Extremists Responsible for this Atrocity Must Be Held Accountable for Their Crimes Against Humanity


You’ve heard the news by now.  How family members found thousands of aborted babies stuffed in cardboard boxes in a barn at the home of the notorious abortionist Ulrich “George” Klopfer. 

After surveying the grisly scene May County Sheriff Mike Kelley said:

“I can tell you in the 31 years that I have been in this job, I have never seen anything like this.  Ever.”

Tragically this isn’t new.  It happened after police raided Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” abortion mill in 2011, a case I was also involved in.  These atrocities have got to end ... NOW!!!

As an active member of the Priests for Life family it’s vital that YOU take ownership of the critically important campaign I’m about to describe to you.

Priests for Life is going to make sure this discovery of 2,246 babies awakens the conscience of the country and gives notice to those responsible for this atrocity – especially pro-abortion politicians – that their days of imposing abortion-on-demand on the rest of us are about to end.

The atrocities inflicted on defenseless unborn children must stop!

You no doubt recall the undercover videos that captured Planned Parenthood officials bragging about dissecting babies in order to harvest their body parts and sell them to the highest bidder.

One Planned Parenthood abortionist – Dr. Deborah Nucatol – was terribly graphic about how she harvests the heart, lungs, and especially the liver because it’s in such high demand right now.  She gave specific details about how to harvest these organs intact by crushing the still living baby above and below the thorax.

She even outlined how to harvest COMPLETE BABY HEADS!!!!

You’d think these revelations would shock America into action. 

Sadly they haven’t.  And I fear that if this callous disregard for the dignity of the human person goes on much longer America will perish.

So here’s what Priests for Life is going to do and what I’m counting on you to do over the next several months. 

At our end Priests for Life plans to print up 2,000,000 copies of our powerful Is This What You Mean” brochure and send them out to you, your fellow Priests for Life family members – which number over 600,000! – and pro-life warriors all across the country.

We also intend to send them to every bishop, priest and deacon in the country ... all 55,863 of them!  For those too afraid to talk about abortion, we want them to SEE the consequences of their silence and ask them: “Is This What You Mean” when you fail to talk about abortion?

These pamphlets have indisputable evidence and accurate diagrams of abortion procedures, along with quotes from abortionists.  They are fully documented. 

Priests for Life is going to recruit hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists to use our “Is This What You Mean” brochure to CHALLENGE candidates running for elected office and everyone who supports abortion to admit what abortion is and then defend it.

What the abortion supporter says in response doesn’t matter.  We’ll have revealed the truth about that person’s pro-abortion extremism and everyone who listens will know it.

For your part I’m counting on you to help in two ways:

1.  Support Priests for Life’s “Is This What You Mean” project.  At roughly $1 to publish and mail out one pamphlet, we need upwards of $2,000,000 to carry this out as planned.

Make a donation for as much as you can right now to take ownership of this project and help make it happen. (

2.  Use the “Is This What You Mean” pamphlet that I’ll be sending you in a few weeks to get your elected officials and candidates running for office on record about their position on abortion.  Confront them at town hall meetings, public forums, private meetings, in a “letter to the editor” with your local newspaper and elsewhere.

Again, though, what I need for you to do right now, before you move on to another webpage, is to make as large a contribution as you can to Priests for Life.  (

Your tax-deductible gift will help fund Priests for Life’s “Is This What You Mean” project – along with everything else we’re doing – to expose the pro-abortion extremism of the Left and of the Democrats running for office in 2020.

Make your gift in honor of those 2,246 babies.  Do not let them die in vain.

Thank you.  May God bless you.  And know that I remember at each Mass I offer.


Father Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life 

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