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Massive Pro-life Work Taking Place Right Now!

Your IMMEDIATE Financial Help Very Much Needed

January 10, 2019


Priests for Life will be carrying out a week-long pro-life offensive beginning next week and could really use your financial help to fund it all.

Please take a moment to CLICK HERE and make as large a donation as you can. (

Here’s what your dollars will help fund:

This week: 

Flooding the new Congress with scientific diagrams of precisely what happens to a baby in a dismemberment abortion procedure.As you probably know, funding abortion was one of the very first actions Nancy Pelosi took as Speaker of the House when the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives last week.

In anticipation of that, Priests for Life went to great lengths to make sure every member of the 116th Congress has a clear understanding of what it is they’re supporting when they vote to fund Planned Parenthood and force American taxpayers to pay for abortions.Our diagrams will make it impossible for any member of Congress to plead ignorance about the pain they’re willfully causing and the barbarity they are allowing to happen.

Thanks to our scientific diagrams (which you can see by going to: they’ll have no excuses for their shameful behavior and no place to hide.

Tuesday January 15: 

Priests for Life is hosting a day-long strategy session of pro-life leaders from all across the country.  Around fifty leaders representing all manner of pro-life work will gather to coordinate activities and devise effective strategies for the pro-life movement.  All kinds of pro-life work will be represented:  Undercover operations.  Shutting down abortion mills.  Street activism.  Organizing prayer vigils outside abortion mills.  Lobbying for pro-life legislation.  Election related efforts.  Pregnancy center work.  And more.

Wednesday, January 16:

I will be speaking at a pro-life function taking place at the Catholic University of America, as well as joining with our Priests for Life team and many other pro-life groups to set up our exhibit at the March for Life Convention.

Thursday, January 17:  

  • In the morning I will lead the national protest outside the Washington, D.C. Planned Parenthood building.  This will be a massive gathering of pro-life activists.  We’ll pray.  Sing.  Call out Planned Parenthood workers and invite them to leave their grisly trade.  And we’ll make sure passers-by know that defenseless babies are being savagely killed inside that building and their mothers wounded for life, often physically.
  • In the afternoon Bryan Kemper, the director of Priests for Life’s youth outreach (called Stand True), will once again be the Master of Ceremonies for the March for Life’s Official Youth Rally.  Tens of thousands of energetic young people will attend this event and Priests for Life will be there encouraging them in their pro-life work.

Friday, January 18: 

  • Priests for Life has rented out Constitutional Hall for the annual National Prayer Service we host and conduct on the morning of the March for Life.  This year, we’re bringing in Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, from EWTN to be the main celebrant and homilist at the Friday morning Mass and speak at the interdenominational service.  Priests for Life will present him with a special award during the service. 
  • From Constitutional Hall we’ll head to the National Mall and be on stage as pro-life leaders and members of the clergy address the hundreds of thousands of people who will be attending the March.  Evangelist Alveda King of Priests for Life will offer the closing prayer.
  • Following the talks, Fr. Pacwa will join me and Alveda and Bryan Kemper and everyone there from Priests for Life and March down Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court building.  We’ll be chanting.  Praying.  Singing.  And doing our best to awaken our fellow Americans to the devastation abortion is inflicting on our nation and encouraging them to join us in the fight to end America’s abortion holocaust.
  • At the Supreme Court building following the March, the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (co-founded by Priests for Life Executive Director Janet Morana and Anglicans for Life President Georgette Forney) has organized a large contingent to give their public testimonies on how abortion has devastated their lives.  This is one of the most popular events of the week and a great opportunity for national news media covrage.  It’s also a graphic reminder to all Americans that abortion is never a “solution” to anything; and that women do NOT “celebrate” abortion, as Hollywood and pro-abortion members of the fake news media would have people believe. 
  • At both this event and during the March itself, countless numbers of women will be holding up our Silent No More “I Regret My Abortion” signs.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on.

And in spite of the fake news media’s shameful refusal to give the March for Life and all its attending activities the coverage these events deserve, next week is without question the single greatest opportunity we have each year to proclaim the pro-life message and make sure our fellow Americans recognize the truth that abortion is destroying the soul of America and killing our nation.

That’s why Priests for Life will be front and center in Washington, D.C. all next week.

What I’m hoping you will do is make a donation to Priests for Life and help cover all the expenses we’ve taken on to make sure America hears the pro-life message loud and clear next week AND that we can energize the young people of this country to stay the course and help win victory over abortion. (

Priests for Life needs to raise a minimum of $50,000 to cover costs we incurred this week and will take on next week.  Your gift today will help pay for:

  • Printing up and mailing the scientific diagrams we sent to every member of the new Congress.
  • Renting Constitution Hall for the National Prayer service we’ll be conducting.
  • Bringing Fr. Pacwa to that event and getting the Priests for Life team to Washington (some of our team will be driving a van from our headquarters in Florida to our nation’s capital and others will fly).
  • Printing up the Silent No More “I Regret My Abortion” posters that women will carry throughout the March and then hold up during the Silent No More Awareness Campaign event outside the Supreme Court building.

Whatever size contribution you can make right now to help cover those costs will be very much appreciated.

So please CLICK HERE and make your donation. (

Do this before you go on to your next email.  Please.

Thank you again.  May God bless you.  And if you’re coming to DC next week, please be sure to come up and say hello to me. 

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life


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