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January 2024

Democrats will impose their extremist “abortion till birth”
agenda on the 
entire nation unless we stop them!


Almost without exception every Democrat running for public office supports unlimited abortion.  This includes Joe Biden and every Democrat in the U.S. Senate. That’s a fact.

It’s also a fact that the American people have never embraced their extremist “abortion till birth” position.

No polling has ever indicated that a majority of Americans want abortion to be legally available for a healthy mother carrying a healthy baby in the final months of pregnancy.

But no Democrat running for public office will agree to set a limit – any limit – on the “right to choose” abortion. For them abortion is both a dogma and a sacrament.

And yet they will never describe what they defend. They would never want you to see an abortion or hear a description of it. They don’t want an honest debate about abortion.

You know this. So does every other member of the Priests for Life family. And so do all of our fellow pro-life warriors. 

Tragically, however, not nearly enough of our fellow Americans know this and that’s why I’m counting on you to help make Priests for Life’s 90-Day Campaign for Life a total success.

The first thing I need you to do is take a moment right now  to make as large a donation to Priests for Life as you can and help support our Campaign.

Crucial elections will take place this November and for the sake of our unborn brothers and sisters we’ve got to help pro-life candidates win every single one of them … especially the race for the White House and control of the Senate.

So please be as generous as you possibly can.

Our 90-Day Campaign for Life begins on Ash Wednesday February 14 and continues to Pentecost Sunday, May 19. Throughout this ninety day period voters across the country will use the primary season to choose their candidates for this November’s elections.

Knowing this Priests for Life will exhaust ourselves over the next three months to achieve TWO key objectives:

  1. Expose and oppose the pro-abortion extremism of Democrat candidates at the national and state level; especially their candidate for President as well as every candidate running for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives; as well as candidates running for governor in the eleven states that will hold these elections.
  2. Directly assist the work of pro-life leaders, activists, and organizations in every state and provide them with the information and training they’ll need to help pro-life candidates in their states win their elections.

To achieve those objectives here’s what I need from you today and throughout the Campaign:

→Your PRAYERS. Since our fight to end abortion is spiritual warfare I’m relying on you to use this time of Lent to fast and pray for an end to legalized abortion in America. I’m also asking you and every active member of the Priests for Life family to say the Prayer to Jesus in the Eucharist throughout the 90-Day Campaign and for as long as it takes to end America’s abortion holocaust. You can click here to receive your FREE copy of our Prayer to Jesus in the Eucharist.

→Your active INVOLVEMENT. It’s vital that you get involved in the political process and help pro-life candidates in your state win their elections. There are up to a dozen actions you can take – from receiving our voter training, to being a precinct committee person or poll worker to making phone calls or going door-to-door and speaking with your neighbors. You can find out the many ways you can help on the Priests for Life election website

→Your FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Due to the critical importance of Priests for Life’s work over these next three months and throughout the months leading up to the 2024 elections , I’m going to need you to be more generous with your donations than you usually are. 

Your financial support is crucial because Priests for Life has to raise $1.8 million just to fund this 90-Day Campaign. Our budget for the entire year runs close to ten million dollars. And every penny of that will come from the sacrifices which you and other pro-life heroes make on behalf of our unborn brothers and sisters.

So please give this Campaign and all of Priests for Life’s work your wholehearted support; both spiritually with your prayers and financially with your tax-deductible gifts like the one I’m counting on you to make right now.

This year’s elections are arguably the most important and consequential elections our nation has ever faced. We are in an unprecedented war between good and evil, between liberty and tyranny.

The actions of the next President and Congress will decide whether America will be destroyed and absorbed into a globalist regime. Or instead will rise up in new strength and live out her identity as the greatest nation on earth.

Priests for Life is committed to equipping you to make the difference, for yourselves, your children and your grandchildren. And not just you. We’re also doing this for tens of thousands of pro-life activists all across the country.

For example, Priests for Life holds monthly Election Training Calls in which our National Political Coordinator Erin Parfet and I teach callers what they can do to make a difference in an election.

One of the main things we teach people is how to effectively expose the anti-life extremism of the Democrat candidates running for office.

As I mentioned earlier, none of these candidates ever comes clean with voters. They hide their radical “abortion till birth” position and are incapable of honestly advancing their own agenda. Instead they present their positions as protecting the right to life-saving emergency medical treatment for women.

In other words, they make their message “pro-life. For example their marches are never billed as a “March for Abortion” but rather as a “March for Women’s Lives.”

You can be sure that they’ll spend countless millions of dollars over the next several months to pump out deceptive ads that are cleverly designed to fool voters. They resort to these tactics because violent death just doesn’t go over well with voters and they know it.

So in spite of the fact that there isn’t a baby conceived that today’s radical anti-life Democrat will defend, they NEVER defend what it is they actually believe about our unborn brothers and sisters.

And because they don’t Priests for Life will make sure voters know how extreme the Democrats are when it comes to killing babies.

If we are successful in this effort then I am convinced that a majority of Americans will reject the radical “abortion till birth” agenda of the Democrats and elect men and women who know the difference between serving the public and killing the public.

This messaging is vital because anti-life candidates running for office this year will do everything they can to keep people from thinking about the child in the womb whenever the issue of abortion is raised in a campaign.

Priests for Life, on the other hand, will do everything we can to get people to keep BOTH the baby and the mother in mind when they enter the voting booth later this year.

We’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons in recent elections, including this one:

If we allow pro-abortion candidates to use lies and half-truths to frame the debate about abortion, we lose.

To defeat them we’ll have to proclaim the truth about abortion over and over and over and over again. Your donation will allow Priests for Life to do that in several ways:

In churches … both from the pulpit and in parish bulletins as we equip the clergy with the facts and encourage them to be bold in their preaching against abortion.

→On TV … through programs we produce here in our state-of-the-art studio for both our own online channel – EndAbortion.TV – and for our Defending Life” series on EWTN. These programs are beamed into 300 MILLION homes here in the U.S. and around the world.

→On social media … through podcasts, videos, and other programming. Priests for Life has a vibrant presence on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), GETTR, Truth Social and other sites. Combined our programming reaches close to HALF A MILLION people EVERY DAY

→Over the radio … through our weekly one-hour pro-life “Gospel of Life” show on Radio Maria and my daily one-minute pro-life radio spots that are broadcast on just about all the stations of the extensive Bott Broadcasting radio network. At any one moment my spots have the potential to reach over 30 MILLION listeners!

→On school campuses and in the public square … through the powerful witness which our Pastoral Associate Bryan Kemper coordinates as Priests for Life’s Director of Youth Outreach and Coordinator of Street Activism

→In people’s home … through door-to-door canvassing and action-oriented letters mailed to people directly in their homes.

As you can see Priests for Life’s 90-Day Campaign for Life is a massive effort that will require the dedication of the entire Priests for Life family. It’s also an extremely expensive undertaking with a budget of $1.8 million.

Given the depth of your commitment to the pro-life cause and our shared mission here at Priests for Life, I’m counting on you to take ownership of this vital Campaign and support it with everything you’ve got, beginning with the tax-deductible gift that I am hoping you will make right now.

During the coming weeks and months I’ll provide you with important updates on our work, on both the election front as well as the cultural front. As the recognized face and voice of America’s pro-life movement, Priests for Life is bringing God’s people together.

Working as one we will convince our fellow Americans to join us in electing men and women who recognize the dignity of human life and will support our mission to make abortion in America not merely illegal, but even more importantly, unthinkable.

Prayerfully consider all that I’ve asked of you in this urgent appeal for your help and support. As you do, don’t be afraid to be more generous than you think you can be. Remember: God is never outdone in generosity. He knows the sacrifices you are making on behalf of His innocent children and He will bless you a hundred fold.

Thank you for your urgently needed help. And be assured of my heartfelt gratitude for your support for me and the life-saving work of Priests for Life. May God bless you.


Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone, National Director

Priests for Life

P.S. I know I’ve told you this before but it bears repeating due to the massive amount of misinformation the abortion-biased mainstream news media has said about me and Priests for Life. It is this: Even though Priests for Life enjoys the support of bishops the world over, we do not receive any funding from any official Church entity. Every penny we receive comes from dedicated pro-life champions like you! And Dr. Alveda King recently told me to pass along to you her encouragement to keep supporting us! So did our canonist, Fr. Dave Deibel, who reminds Catholics that the Church has not rejected our ministry! So please do all you can to help fund Priests for Life’s work in 2024 and especially during our 90-Day Campaign for Life. Remember: Our unborn brothers and sisters are counting on us to protect and they need us now more than ever before.


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