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If we lose in 2020 there may never be a pro-life majority in Congress again and the pro-life movement may cease to have a major impact on America.

November 2019


2020 is going to be a “make or break” year for you and the entire pro-life movement.

And because it will be I have an important question for you:

Will you click here and renew your commitment to our shared mission of ending America’s abortion holocaust?

Or will you hit the “delete” tab and go on to your next webpage?

The choice is yours.

Of this much I can assure you, the devil wants you to hit that “delete” tab. 

That’s because pro-abortion extremists in the Democrat Party and on the radical Left have made it clear that if they take power in next year’s elections they will not only push radical abortion policies, but will change our whole system of elections and lawmaking to secure their victories.  

Here’s a short list of what they promise to do if they win in 2020:

  • Impose their radical “abortion till birth” agenda on the entire country.
  • Make infanticide part of that agenda by refusing medical aid to babies who survive abortions.
  • Force you to pay for abortions with your tax dollars.
  • Overturn every state law that protects mothers and babies from abortion.
  • End all U.S. opposition to extremist pro-abortion policies at the United Nations.
  • Make sure abortion-on-demand is included in their “Medicare for All” plan.
  • Revoke all the “right of conscience” protections President Trump has put in place and force all health care to take part in abortion procedures.
  • Restrict religious freedom, force groups like Priests for Life to offer abortion in health insurance, and try to remove tax exempt status from those who oppose them.
  • Pack our federal courts with liberal pro-abortion judicial activists, and change the way Supreme Court Justices are chosen so as to prevent a conservative majority.
  • Get four more pro-abortion Senators by making Puerto Rico and DC states.
  • Change the way the Electoral College works or abolish it altogether, thereby assuring more pro-abortion victories in elections.

The bottom line for you and all pro-life Americans today is this: 

If we lose in 2020 the pro-life movement may never win another election and the pro-life movement may cease to have any impact on America’s future. 

It is for that reason that I’m praying you will not hit the “delete” button but instead will …

... renew your commitment to Priests for Life and in so doing fulfill your     mission to protect and defend the youngest members of our human family.

Please do this right now.

Your unborn brothers and sisters are counting on you to protect them from the death sentence the Democrats have in store for them if they take power in 2020.

And because they are we have to do for them next year exactly what we did for them prior to the 2016 election.  And believe me, you and Priests for Life were incredibly effective that election year.  So much so, in fact, that long-time political analyst Deal Hudson praised our work saying:

“No priest or religious had more impact on the Catholic and pro-life voters than Father Frank Pavone. And no Catholic organization had more impact than Priests for Life. To be perfectly candid, it's not even a close call!” 

Deal highlighted that first sentence himself.  That’s how impressed he was with our work. 

Well, the enemies of life haven’t seen anything yet!  Next year Priests for Life is going to be even more outspoken and more aggressive in our effort to warn all Catholics of how dangerous the Democrat Party is and how extreme they are when it comes to abortion. 

A short time ago I sent you the “Confidential Report” that has the details of our plans for 2020. 

But before I get into those let me take a moment to remind you of all we helped accomplish on the pro-life front this past year and ever since Donald Trump was elected President:

  • Appointed two Supreme Court Justices and numerous pro-life judges to other federal courts (the number keeps climbing … it’s about 180 as I write this).
  • Reinstated and expanded the Mexico City policy that prohibits U.S. tax dollars from funding international pro-abortion organizations.
  • Stripped Planned Parenthood of millions of federal and state tax dollars and re-directed those funds to health centers that don’t kill babies.
  • Protected the Hyde Amendment from House Democrats who wanted to repeal the law, thus protecting your tax dollars from paying for abortions.
  • Used his State of the Union address and recent speech at the United Nations to reassert the fundamental right to life for all people, born and unborn.
  • Told UN delegate nations that the United States will not support any UN resolution or measure that declares abortion a human right.
  • Strengthened the enforcement of “freedom of conscience” laws in order to protect all health care workers from being forced to take part in abortions.
  • Eliminated funding for experimentation using bodies of aborted babies.
  • Urged Congress to pass legislation right away to end late-term abortion and infanticide.

I could give you a long list of additional achievements but you get the picture. 

We’ve made more headway in our fight against abortion during Donald Trump’s first three years in office than we’d made in the prior decade. 

You and the Priests for Life family played a direct role in helping win all those victories because we’ve worked hand in glove with pro-life members of the Trump Administration.  And we did this in spite of the aggressive tactics of pro-abortion extremists in the fake news media, in Congress, in state legislatures, in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Thanks to your firm resolve and Priests for Life’s bold leadership, we more than held our own when it came to defending and protecting the youngest members of our human family.

Not only that but thanks to Priests for Life’s non-stop preaching against abortion and the massive publicity we generated calling attention to the pro-abortion extremism of the Democrats we witnessed a dramatic shift in people’s attitudes on abortion.  Remember these polling numbers:

  • A nationwide survey conducted by Basswood Research found that 54% of Americans oppose 97-100% of all abortions.  This includes 35% of Democrat voters.
  • The folks at Gallup found:
    • A flip in its polling data.  A year ago 49% of Americans identified as “pro-choice” to 46% “pro-life.”  Today it’s reversed: 49% “pro-life” to 46% “pro-choice.”
    • 60% of Americans have a pro-life position with 21% wanting to ban all abortions and 39% wanting most abortions made illegal.  That’s the highest percentage in ten years!
    • 76% of Americans support laws that protect babies who survive an abortion; to just 10% who support the Democrats push for infanticide.
  • Over at Marist pollsters found a 17% INCREASE in people identifying as pro-life.  They also reported that the vast majority of Americans – by a 71% to 25% majority – support a ban on late-term abortions.

As the recognized face and voice of the pro-life movement, you and Priests for Life have played a HUGE role in bringing about this dramatic change in attitudes on abortion.

America is more pro-life today than it was just six months ago!

This is the direct result of steady, consistent preaching and teaching ... of tremendous sacrifice ... and of sincere and concerted prayer.

And it proves that all your hard work, all your sacrifices, all your prayers and your unwavering dedication is bearing fruit.  But we cannot rest on our laurels. In spite of all the great work we’ve done together legalized abortion-on-demand is still the law of the land.  And 3,000 defenseless babies continue to be slaughtered in America’s abortion mills every single day.

And that death toll will skyrocket if the Democrats seize power next year.  So for 2020 our task is twofold:

  1. To boldly preach the Gospel of Life to all Americans without interruption, without compromise and without apology.
  2. To carry out an aggressive campaign to EDUCATE people that the Democrat Party is not only a threat to the nation and to democracy itself, but also that its members intend to impose a radical and extreme “abortion till death” agenda on the country.

In order to accomplish both of those objectives, Priests for Life must be at full strength.

That means we need every single member of the Priests for Life family on board and ready to do whatever it takes to defeat the abortion juggernaut which extremists in the Democrat Party will unleash on us and on our unborn brothers and sisters if they win power in Washington next year.

And when I say “every single member of our Priests for Life family” that’s exactly what I mean. 

Which is why it is so critically important …

... renew your commitment to Priests for Life right now!

Unless the people of life rise up as one and defend the youngest members of our human life, they will continue to be slaughtered ... willfully, brutally and ruthlessly!  You simply cannot sit back and allow that to happen.  God has placed you here at this precise moment in history for a reason.  And that reason is to protect His innocent unborn children ... no matter the personal cost to yourself.

After all, you recognize the sanctity and dignity of the human person from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.  And since God is calling you to give of yourself for the sake of the youngest members of our human family, your response must be that of Isaiah’s when he responded to God’s call saying:

“Here am I, Lord!  Send me!”

Thankfully that has been your response ever since you heard God calling you to join the Priests for Life family.  You have willingly made countless sacrifices to defend the unborn.  You have generously given of yourself to support our work here at Priests for Life.  You continue to fight the good fight.  You continue to run the race.

Today I need you to persevere in this fight and to renew your tremendous pro-life commitment by making the following pledge:

I am ready to do my part in ending abortion.  I commit myself never to be silent, never to be passive, never to be forgetful of the unborn.  I commit myself to be active in the pro-life movement, and never to stop defending life until all my brothers and sisters are protected, and our nation once again becomes a nation with liberty and justice not just for some, but for all, through Christ our Lord.  AMEN!!!

I am asking every member of the Priests for Life family to make that very same commitment.

And if we all work together and give our all, then I am confident that we will, according to God’s divine plan, win VICTORY over abortion.

Click here to renew your devotion to the unborn and make a financial commitment to Priests for Life as well.

Please do this right now ... before you hit that “delete” button and go on to your next webpage.

Your dollars are critically needed in order for Priests for Life to carry out two vital campaigns this year.  The first of these has to do with the upcoming 2020 elections. 

All the polling data confirms that the vast majority of Americans OPPOSE the pro-abortion extremism of the Democrats.     

Our job over the next twelve months is to make sure people KNOW how radical the Democrats are when it comes to killing defenseless babies, both those in the womb and those newly born.

Priests for Life is resolved to do everything in our power to make sure people know how extreme the Democrat Party’s “abortion till birth” agenda is.  Even as you read this letter, I am huddled with our amazing Pastoral Associates finalizing plans on how we will expose the Democrats pro-abortion extremism, while at the same time promote the Church’s teachings on political responsibility!

We’re going to need your wholehearted support in order for our plans to bear fruit in November.

That’s the first priority that requires your financial support on an ongoing basis. 

The second priority is our ongoing work preaching the Gospel of Life.  We are reaching historic numbers with our messaging: A million people a day!  We’re reaching them through:

  • Television: Our “Defending Life” series on EWTN is broadcast into some 95 million homes here in the U.S..
  • Internet: Priests for Life has its own pro-life network called “EndAbortion.TV” where viewers can hear pro-life homilies, get instruction on how to fight the abortionists, ask questions on live call-in programs and more.  Millions of  people tune in to our programming every month.  They have watched things like our powerful “Everyone Against Abortion, Raise your Hand!” video.
  • Social Media Platforms: These include Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and various others.  We reach upwards of 600,000 every day on these sites, many of them young people who are only just awakening to the tremendous damage abortion has inflicted on their generation.  They are eager to join the fight.
  • Email: Instant communication with over two hundred thousand pro-life activists alerts them to attacks on the unborn and gives them immediate actions they can take.
  • Radio: We’re on numerous Catholic and Christian stations ...  and secular talk radio, too.
  • Publications: My bi-weekly pro-life column ... editorials ... blog postings.
  • Pro-life events: Members of our pastoral team are constantly on the road giving pro-life talks and rallying the people of life to take to the streets
  • Churches:  We send out reams of material to pastors and churches.  These include liturgical resources ... newsletters to priests and deacons ... bulletin inserts.  We also make personal visits to parishes and work with leaders of all denominations.

All this work is vital if we are to keep pro-abortion extremists in the Democrat Party from taking control of the country next year and imposing their “abortion till birth” policies on the country.

But all of it – and I mean ALL OF IT! – depends on you and the rest of our Priests for Life family.  We can only do as much as your generosity allows us to do.

That’s why, in addition to your Commitment to the unborn, I need you to make a financial commitment to Priests for Life

It’s going to cost upwards of $9,490,000 to carry out all the work I noted above. 

But as of my writing to you today, Priests for Life doesn’t have close to that much money in our operating funds.   

However, if you will do your part, and your fellow Priests for Life members do as well, then we will raise that $9,490,000, be fully funded, and lead the pro-life movement into battle against the Democrats and all who seek to kill our unborn brothers and sisters.

So what is “your part”?  To be precise ...

... I’m counting on you to make as large a donation to Priests for Life as you possibly can! 

Given our project budget need of $9,490,000 I’m hoping you will make a donation for at least $69.08 but hopefully as much as $138.16 ... or more if you can.

I know that’s a lot to ask of you.

But if you are able to do so, and if every other member of our Priests for Life family does likewise, then we will raise our entire budget for next year!

Or here’s another option. 

If it’s too difficult for you to make a one-time donation of either $69.08 or $138.16 today, make a MONTHLY PLEDGE instead and spread your gift out over time.  But if you do choose to make a pledge, please try to send at least $27 a month ... that’s the amount of the average gift sent to support our work.

But no matter how you choose to give, it’s absolutely vital that you respond TODAY because time is of the essence.  Leaders in the Democrat Party have been crisscrossing the country promoting their radical “abortion till birth” plans for the country.  Pro-abortion members in the fake news media have been spreading their anti-life propaganda.  And Hollywood starlets are out there encouraging women to “celebrate” their abortions. 

America is at a tipping point and come next year will either save itself and tip toward life … or destroy itself and fall into the devil’s deadly web of abortion.

Together we need to push the country over to the side of life.  It may well be our last chance to do so.  So don’t delay. 

Renew your commitment today.

Thank you for resisting the devil’s temptation and continuing to fight alongside me and your fellow Priests for Life family members on the front lines of the battle to end America’s abortion holocaust.

May God bless you.  And I will remember you at each Mass I offer. 

Oh, I do have one more request. 

Please continue to PRAY for me and everyone here at Priests for Life.

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this letter, 2020 is going to be an extremely challenging one for us.  Pro-abortion extremists have stepped their attacks on me and Priests for Life.  They want to destroy us so that they can take control of the powers of government and use that power to impose their “abortion till birth” agenda on the country.

Although everyone here at Priests for Life relies on your prayers to sustain us, no one relies on them more than I do.  So please continue to pray for me and Priests for Life.

And know that we pray to God for you, too.  You are a great blessing to us and to the unborn.  And so in grateful thanksgiving for the sacrifices you make on their behalf, I and all the priests of Priests for Life remember you at each Mass we offer.

Thank you again for your dedication, your commitment and your perseverance.  You are an inspiration to me and every member of our hard-working Priests for Life staff.  God bless.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests For Life

NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and mail it to us at:
PO Box  236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.  If you have any questions, call us at our easy-to-remember number:  321-500-1000 … or toll-free at 888-735-3448. 


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