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60-Day Push to keep pro-abortion Democrats from expanding abortion and forcing you to pay for them!

September 2021

The Democrats who control the government are going all out to use these final three months of 2021 to impose their radical abortion-on-demand agenda on you and the entire country.

This includes forcing you to pay for abortions with your hard-earned tax dollars.

I’m writing to tell you that Priests for Life is equally determined to STOP them and protect you and our unborn brothers and sisters from these pro-abortion extremists.  To do that Priests for Life – the face and voice of the pro-life movement – has put together an aggressive 60-day Campaign that will allow Priests for Life to rally America to rise up and OPPOSE the Democrats and their plans.

In a moment I’ll give you the details of this campaign.

Before I do that I need to ask you to maintain your partnership with Priests for Life throughout the 60-Day Campaign and going forward.  Specifically I need you to:

Your generous financial support is crucial because Priests for Life has to raise $1.2 million to fund this 60-Day Campaign.  Every penny of that $1.2 million will come from the sacrifices which you and other pro-life heroes make on behalf of the babies.

So please give this Campaign and all of Priests for Life’s life-saving pro-life work your wholehearted support, both spiritually with your prayers and financially with your tax-deductible gifts. 

As for the 60-Day Campaign I’m counting on you to help fund here are some of the details and what you will accomplish with your tax-deductible gift to Priests for Life.  In a nutshell the Campaign will include:

  • Rallying pro-life Americans to flood Congress with phone calls and personal visits telling their lawmakers they OPPOSE being forced to pay for abortions and DEMAND that Congress keep the life-saving Hyde Amendment part of all federal spending bills.
  • Conducting a Prayer Campaign with the intention that the Supreme Court upholds Mississippi’s law protecting children who have reached 15 weeks development.  This is the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that will be argued before the Court this term. 
  • Priests for Life has filed an amicus brief in the Dobbs case in which we urge the Supreme Court to not only rule in favor of the Mississippi law, but to use this case to overturn Roe v Wade.  Our brief asserts that Roe “has no legitimate foundation in law, it continues to tear at the fabric of our nation, and it has corrupted our judicial system. It is time for it to go.” 
  • Convince hundreds of thousands of U.S. Catholics to sign on to the “Open Letter to U.S. Bishops” that I invited you to sign a couple weeks ago.  My “Open Letter” is extremely important and will, hopefully, encourage our bishops to end the scandal and confusion that self-described pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians are causing.
  • Expanding our SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE BROADCASTING on platforms like Parler, GETTR, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, ROKU, Amazon Fire and others.  Right now Priests for Life reaches close to ONE MILLION people EVERY DAY across social media platforms. 
  • Promoting a powerful 42-minute video of the unborn child entitled: “The Biology of Prenatal Development.”  This is simply the most vivid, powerful, and striking videography of the unborn child that exists.  Clips from this video can be found on a playlist at and can easily be shared via social media.  While the video does not address the abortion issue specifically, it gives viewers the scientific facts of the child’s development and in doing so refutes the most popular pro-abortion lies and anti-life propaganda.
  • Recruiting and training more ELECTION VOLUNTEERS for the critically important 2022 mid-term election.  Priests for Life will give these pro-life activists clear instructions on how to conduct activities like “Voter Registration” and “Get Out the Vote” drives.
  • Producing new programs for our “Defending Life” series that airs over EWTN.  In the USA alone, EWTN reaches some 95 million households. 
  • Equipping pro-life activists with the materials they need to expose the anti-life extremism of Joe Biden and the Democrats and convince their local communities to oppose the killing of defenseless unborn babies. 
  • Sending information and encouragement to thousands of clergy and urging them to rise up and help lead the pro-life movement to victory over abortion.  Priests for Life enjoys the endorsement of many U.S. bishops.  Here are two recent notes:

“I’m very grateful to all of you who have persevered new and old in the Pro Life movement. This is the critical issue of our day, every generation has one. This is ours. Some of us have been trudging forward with this for very many decades now.  I have my whole priesthood been actively involved. Father Pavone, of course your outstanding in that. So keep going. We have to keep moving forward with this.” - Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco

“Well, every priest I'm sure must be for life. The thing is what we need to do is be much more expressive about this, because that's what we're about. We’re about human life. … I encourage you and pray for you and encourage many more priests and people to become involved in this vitally important ministry.” -  Most Rev. Michael Pfeifer, OMI, Bishop Emeritus of San Angelo, TX

  • Sending our priests and Pastoral Associates on the road to sound the alarm about the Democrats and their radical anti-life positions, rally freedom-loving Americans to rise up and oppose them, and protect our unborn brothers and sisters.

There you have it.  Priests for Life’s aggressive plan for the rest of 2021. 

It is more critical than ever that Priests for Life arm pro-life activists with the ammunition they will need to defeat the Democrats and lead the pro-life movement to victory over abortion.

There can be no denying that children torn from the womb are the primary victims of abortion.

As these unique individuals grow and develop in what should be a safe space, they are instead sucked out with vacuums…expelled into toilets in homes and shared dormitory bathrooms…torn apart with forceps…poisoned with deadly shots to the heart…or delivered alive and left to die, alone and gasping for air.

That is the true face of abortion.

And that’s the message you will preach over these final weeks and months of 2021 through the tax-deductible donation I’ve asked you to make to Priests for Life today.  Remember:

If we allow Joe Biden and his pro-abortion henchmen in the Democrat Party to carry out their Reign of Terror on the unborn then America is doomed. 

So stand firm.  Put your trust in God.  He will not let you down.  He is in the boat with you and telling you:

Do not be afraid.

Priests for Life is moving forward with confidence and I urge you to do the same. 

We must continue to give our all to this fight, a fight Pope St. John Paul II called “the most important work on earth.” 

But in order to keep moving forward Priests for Life needs your continued partnership; and not just for these final weeks and months of 2021 but for as long as it takes to end America's abortion holocaust. 

We’ve got to rip the veil off the eyes of our fellow Americans and make them see what the Democrats are doing to the babies and to the country.  America will not survive as a free, prosperous and God-fearing nation if the Democrats succeed in carrying out their diabolical “abortion till birth” agenda.

Which is why Priests for Life continues to oppose them every step of the way and why you need to maintain your partnership with Priests for Life. 

So please take these three actions and help make our $1.2 million 60-Day Campaign the success it needs to be:

  1. To PRAY for the success of the Campaign.
  2. To get ACTIVELY INVOLVED in as many Campaign projects as you can.
  3. To give your FINANCIAL SUPPORT to the Campaign.

Regarding that third action, I’m asking you to consider being more generous than usually are with your donation because of all that’s at stake for the country right now. 

Your tax-deductible donation – combined with the other gifts you’ll send throughout our 60-Day Campaign – will help fund the projects I listed for you above.  

Working together we will EXPOSE the pro-abortion extremism of the Democrats, RALLY all God-fearing Americans to OPPOSE their radical agenda, and WIN victory over abortion.

Thank you for recognizing the urgency of the moment and the vital importance of our work together in the battle to save America.  No issue is more important right now than the fight against abortion. 

So as you prayerfully consider how God is calling you to help, don’t be afraid to be more generous than you think you can be.  Remember: God is never outdone in generosity.  He knows the sacrifices you are making for His innocent children and He will bless you a hundred fold. 

On behalf of the youngest members of our human family, thank you for your immediate and generous reply.  I will remember you at every Mass I offer during this important 60-day period and for as long as it takes for us to prevail over the enemies of God and life itself.  Thank you again and may God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

P.S. In spite of the fact that many at the Vatican – as well as Bishops around the world and here in the U.S. ... like Archbishop Cordileone and Bishop Pfeifer – have strongly encouraged our Priests for Life ministry, we receive no funds from any official Church entity.  Every penny we receive comes from individuals just like you: Hard-working, dedicated pro-life champions.  Which is why the success of our 60-Day Campaign depends entirely on you and the Priests for Life family.  That’s why I’m hoping you will take a moment right now to make as large a donation to Priests for Life as you can.  And not just today but through to the end of this year and for as long as it takes for you and Priests for Life to lead the pro-life movement to victory over abortion.  


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