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Your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION required in order to keep your momentum going




August 2017


I've written you this urgent letter for two important reasons.

First, to make sure you know that the narrow lack of votes to repeal ObamaCare is not as big a setback as the mainstream news media would have you believe. This will in fact get done.

And second...

...because I'm hoping you will click here right now and make a contribution to Priests for Life for as much as you possibly can.

I beg you to do this immediately because in spite of the fact that we still have ObamaCare, we also still have an unprecedented opportunity to bring our nation closer to victory over abortion.

Ever since Donald Trump took office, the pro-life cause has been on the offensive. And we've made some truly great strides.

But radical, pro-abortion extremists in the Democratic Party are undermining President Trump at every turn. Working hand-in-hand with their allies in the mainstream media, Democrats are working round the clock to take the President down. They are even talking impeachment.

So far they've failed.

But there's no telling how far these enemies will go in their insane attacks.

That's why it's so important that we ACT NOW to win as many legal protections for our unborn brothers and sisters as we can.

And since Priests for Life is the recognized face and voice of the pro-life movement in America, it's critically important that we remain at our post on front lines and lead the charge against the abortion empire. Which is exactly what we're struggling to do.

But our financial supply lines are running terribly low and we need an immediate infusion of donations in order to keep the pro-life offensive going forward. Donations to Priests for Life in June were down $140,039 compared with June 2016. And while I don't have final figures for July, it looks as though it will be just as bad.

That was a totally unexpected shortfall and is really hampering our efforts to fully capitalize on all that President Trump and Congress want to do to help the pro-life movement end abortion:

  • Defunding Planned Parenthood.
  • Signing into law two pro-life laws that President Trump supports:

→"Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. "
→"Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act. "

  • Passing laws that will defend and protect religious liberty.
  • Confirming more pro-life judges to federal courts.
  • Repealing the Johnson Amendment that many bishops and priests use as an "excuse " to keep from speaking out against abortion from the pulpit.

There's more that President Trump and Congress have promised to do for our unborn brothers and sisters.

But the point I need to drive home with you in this letterl is that Priests for Life is unable to do as much to rally pro-life Americans to advance the pro-life initiative due to the shortfall of donations this summer … especially the loss of that $140,036 in June.

And when you add in the costs for Priests for Life to move our headquarters to Florida – I've written to you about our move several times now – we simply don't have nearly enough money to make the move happen AND carry out all of our programs and projects … especially our work to defund Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of our new operations center, this past weekend I made a short video from outside the building. You can watch it here.

But back to our financial need, something's got to give. Delay the move … or put vital projects on hold.

At the present moment neither is an option. To allow either would be a terrible setback in our fight to end abortion.

So I've taken a leap of faith and told the two departments overseeing our move to Florida and our programs to continue full speed ahead. I told the heads of these divisions that I'd reach out to you and the rest of the Priests for Life family, explain our situation and ask for your immediate help.

And I'm fully confident I've done the right thing because I know how committed you are to the youngest members of our human family, the fight to protect them from abortion, and our work here at Priests for Life. You have proven this time and time again. And I know I speak for the entire Priests for Life staff when I say that we trust you completely and know you will do whatever you can to help today.

Hopefully that includes taking a moment right now to make as large a contribution to Priests for Life as you possibly can.

There's a lot to be done in the fight against abortion. I know you know that.

And right now we have the opportunity to make some real headway in this battle because we have a President and Congress that are sympathetic to our cause. And even though they can't do our fighting for us, we know they won't get in our way. And that's all we need to make real progress in this battle and bring America closer to the day when abortion is not merely illegal, but even more importantly, unthinkable!

So thank you for taking care of my request right away.

And know that in heartfelt appreciation for your generous response today and your unwavering commitment to God's unborn children, I will do as I have ever since you joined the Priests for Life family; namely, to remember you at each Mass I offer. Thank you again and may God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life



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