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November 28, 2018


I’ve written you this urgent letter in the desperate hope that you will send Priests for Life one of your very special “Christmas / End of Year” gifts.

I need your immediate help because Priests for Life racked up a $214,613 debt carrying out all of the last-minute 11th-hour projects we did to help increase the Senate’s pro-life majority.

I’m hoping you will make a donation of whatever amount you can right now and help me pay off our Priests for Life debt.  That would be a tremendous help and a real blessing.

Just so you know, I took on that debt because I was determined to activate as many voters as Priests for Life could for this past election.  And I’m glad I did. 

The work which you and your Priests for Life family members allowed us to do brought out many pro-life voters, helped pro-life ballot initiatives win in many states, and no doubt helped us INCREASE the pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate. 

That last achievement will insure that more pro-life judges are appointed to our federal courts.

That’s terribly important to our fight against abortion because when the abortion advocates want to advance their agenda, they don’t go to the elected representatives of the people; they go to the judges!  And you know all too well how so many of the courts impose policies that most of the people disagree with.

Knowing that, I invested every dollar Priests for Life had – and then some! – to mobilize and educate voters this past November. 

And while we didn’t get that 60-vote pro-life super majority that we so need, we did replace four ardent pro-abortion Senators with strong pro-life Senators.  That was a major accomplishment and well worth the money Priests for Life spent to help make it happen because now more of President Trump’s pro-life judges will get confirmed to our federal courts and fewer pro-life state laws will be overturned by pro-abortion, liberal, rogue, activist judges.

But as I said, that victory came at a big price; namely, that $214,613 debt I mentioned above.

It’s critically important that Priests for Life pay off that debt as quickly as possible because we have a tremendous opportunity to show millions of good, decent, hard-working Americans just how radical pro-abortion lawmakers are and what they have in store for the country now that they have control of the House of Representatives.

One of their top priorities is to repeal the Hyde Amendment and force you and all taxpayers to pay for abortions.  This is unconscionable and something the vast majority of Americans oppose.  So Priests for Life is finalizing plans to launch an aggressive campaign that exposes the Democrat Party’s pro-abortion extremism and recruits millions of fair-minded Americans to the pro-life movement.

But Priests for Life cannot take advantage of this moment because we’re tapped out financially and have to pay off our $214,613 debt before we can launch this new campaign or do our regular work.

So I’ve sent you this letter in the fervent hope that you can make one of your special “Christmas / End of Year” contributions and help Priests for Life get back on solid financial ground, press the attack, preach the Gospel of Life to millions of Americans and lead the People of LIFE to victory over abortion.

However, it’s going to take more people than just the Priests for Life family to win this fight.  The unmistakable fact of the matter is that abortion-on-demand will remain the law of the land until the American people rise up, demand an end to the killing and hold our elected representatives accountable for the brutal killing of 3,000 babies a day in legal abortions.

But that pro-life revolution won’t happen until the CLERGY break their deafening silence on abortion, speak out with force against abortion and get fully invested in the fight to end the legal slaughter of God’s unborn children.

Then and only then will America, as a nation, rise up and demand an end to the killing.

You and Priests for Life have a unique role to play in making that happen because Priests for Life is almost surely the ONLY pro-life organization in America that’s capable of achieving that objective.  That’s due to Priests for Life’s unique mission; namely: 

To activate the Church to end abortion.

That focused mission is the driving force behind everything we do.  And the key to fulfilling that mission is our work with the clergy. 

It’s why I wrote my books “Proclaiming the Message of Life” and “Abolishing Abortion.”  It’s why Priests for Life sends bulletin inserts to every parish in the country.  It’s why I provide homily tips to every priest and deacon in America.  It’s why our priests go to parishes and coach our brother priests on how to be energetic preachers of the Gospel of Life. 

But more than just training priests on how to be effective preachers of the Gospel of Life, we explain to them WHY this is so important.  With priests on staff full-time, we are able to speak to clergy as no lay pro-life ministry can because we understand the difficulties priests and pastors face in their priestly vocation.

Again, no pro-life organization in the country – or the world, for that matter – is set up to do that work.  Only Priests for Life.

But training the clergy and showing them how to take leadership roles in this battle is only ONE part of Priests for Life’s work to end abortion.  Our entire pastoral team and I are working closely with pro-life leaders and activists from all across the country.  Organizing strategy sessions.  Providing training in the law.  Producing materials for them to send their followers.  Speaking at their events.  Offering unwavering support and encouragement.  Giving one-on-one training to increase their effectiveness.

We do this through our vast network of effective pro-life ministries:

  • Civil Rights for the Unborn:  Under the direction of pro-life Evangelist Alveda King we are awakening our African-American brothers and sisters to the devastation abortion is causing in their community and rallying them to the fight against abortion.
  • Stand True:  This is Priests for Life’s youth outreach ministry.  Bryan Kemper – who is a frequent keynote speaker at youth pro-life events ... including the March for Life – oversees this ministry and is recruiting young people to join the fight.
  • Silent No More Awareness Campaign:  Janet Morana is the co-founder of this ministry which gives women who’ve had an abortion a platform to warn women – and men, too – of the tremendous damage abortion has inflicted on them and their families.  Janet also co-hosts “The Catholic View for Women” (which airs on EWTN), has written several pro-life books and is Priests for Life’s Executive Director.
  • Rachel’s Vineyard:  Dr. Theresa Burke founded this post-abortion ministry in the early 1990s and dioceses use this program to help all those damaged by abortion – women and men alike – to confront the abortion demon and cast him out from their lives. 
  • The other priests and I are in constant demand to say Mass at parishes around the nation and speak about the evil of abortion from the pulpit.  Oftentimes our pro-life homilies are the only ones parishioners hear.
  • We work hand-in-hand with dozens of friendly bishops who appreciate our clear and steadfast teaching on abortion, and see the way it energizes their people.  And when those bishops speak out boldly about abortion, we encourage them and spread their messages!
  • We cooperate with pro-life lawmakers at the state, national, and international level, providing them with facts and documentation that they use to craft laws which protect mothers and babies from Planned Parenthood and other abortionists.
  • We partner with tremendous pro-life leaders and help them carry out their special pro-life work.  Priests for Life helps organize prayer vigils and protests outside abortion mills.  We help close abortion mills and expose the ugly reality of what goes on inside of them.

That’s a snapshot of the wide range of Priests for Life’s work and influence.

But all of that work needs constant funding if it’s to prosper and prove fruitful. 

And right now, as I told you earlier in this letter, Priests for Life is tapped out financially.  We’ve spent our meager funds educating Catholic voters and mobilizing them to go to the polls and vote this past November 6.

As I told you, that work paid huge dividends by helping INCREASE the Senate’s pro-life Majority.  But now we have to pay off the remaining $214,613 debt from that work and I’m hoping you will help us do that by making a donation to Priests for Life for as much as you can.

While you prayerfully consider how best to help today, let me assure you that Priests for Life will continue to provide the pro-life movement with the materials, supplies and leadership it needs to go toe-to-toe with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

And while it would be a great blessing if a billionaire stepped forward and agreed to pay off our debt and fund all of our pro-life work going forward, that’s not likely to happen. 

Instead, it’s going to take you and every other member of our incredible Priests for Life family to carry his or her portion of our financial burden.  That’s the mission God has called you to fulfill within the Priests for Life family.  So please be as generous as you can.  By giving your financial support to Priests for Life you are helping end America’s abortion holocaust and saving our nation.

Victory over abortion will not be easy.  I know that.

But it will come as long as you and I and all pro-life Americans remain faithful to God and our pro-life calling, stay the course, persevere and do our part to cast the abortion demon from our land.

And with that I’m going to close this all-important appeal for your generous financial help. 

Everything you’ve read in this letter – the mission, the goal, the work, the projects … everything – depends on your generous spirit.  Without you and your fellow Priests for Life family members providing us with the donations that fund our work, none of it happens. 

That’s why I pray for you and remember you at every Mass I offer; as do all the priests of Priests for Life.  You are more valued and more loved than I think you know.  And I thank God for having sent you to us.  May He richly bless you for your commitment to His children.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director

Priests for Life     

P.S.  While losing our pro-life majority in the House of Representatives is a blow to our fight, it’s hardly the end of the world.  Just ten years ago abortion extremists controlled the House, the Senate AND the White House.  We survived those dark times.  In fact, more than just survive, we thrived!  Priests for Life and the pro-life movement experienced some real growth to our numbers because we effectively used the anti-life policies they imposed on America to show people just how extreme those pro-abortion fanatics were ... and still are.  We need to do that again now.  And Priests for Life will once we get out from under this crushing $214,613 debt. 

So keep your head up.  God is in charge.  We’re still here. And we’re moving forward! There are many battles yet to fight.  And with your continued prayers and ongoing financial help (beginning with the donation you make right now), Priests for Life will be on the front lines of them all, leading the pro-life movement to victory over abortion.


NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and send it to us at PO Box 236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.  If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 888-735-3448.


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