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May 2024


You can help save America

but only if you act now.

The next three months are critical.


Continue to work with Priests for Life,

drive pro-abortion fanatics from power,

and protect our unborn brothers and sisters.



You’re having a far bigger impact with your fellow Americans than the media wants you to think.

And I’ve got proof, which I’ll give you in a moment.

But first I need to remind you of the critical role you and have Priests for Life have to play in defending unborn babies from radical pro-abortion Democrat extremists.

Our work together will be especially critical throughout the upcoming summer months. And because you are such a devoted member of the Priests for Life family I’m counting on you to …

Make a special Summer Pledge and do your part to ensure that Priests for Life is financially able to sustain our fight to protect the youngest members of our human family throughout the summer!

I cannot overstate or over-emphasize just how critically important your Summer Pledge is.   

These next three months will go a long way to determine the future of the country. Or if we even have a future.

For my part I’m forever optimistic that we will ultimately win this war and save America.

I base my confidence on the fact that the tide is turning in our favor.

Of course the far left anti-life media will never tell people that. Instead the talking heads lie and say how wonderful everything is. They portray America as overwhelmingly pro-abortion. They promote all sorts of moral evils and pretend all Americans joyfully support the crimes against humanity and sins against nature which the pro-abortion radical left advances.

Don’t believe them.

Alternative media paints an entirely different picture. Countless millions of Americans are fed up with the direction the country is heading and eager to help reverse course.

We found that out ourselves in a recent poll that Priests for Life conducted in partnership with McLaughlin & Associates. The results of our poll offer critical insight into American voters’ current priorities, steadfast values, and stance on key issues like abortion.

The results reveal a majority bipartisan consensus that the country is not headed in the right direction, general disillusionment with current political leadership, and an underlying “culture of life” in American society that conflicts with widespread narratives from the abortion industry and its mouthpieces in the liberal drive by media.

As you read the key findings of our poll keep in mind that unlike most polls taken today, our poll was balanced and included a broad spectrum of Americans, including:

  • 36% Democrat
  • 36% Republican
  • 28% Independent/Other

As for their beliefs about the current state of affairs here’s what we learned.

Culture of Life: There is an underlying pro-life culture in America on a personal level:

  • 36% of respondents feel abortion is one of the most important issues affecting their vote.
  • 85% support financial, medical, and emotional assistance for women facing unplanned pregnancies.
  • 81% support reducing legal and financial barriers to adoption and foster care.
  • 61% of respondents say it’s good when mothers decide to keep the child and raise the baby themselves, or make an adoption plan.
  • By a margin of 61% to 24%, voters would support a pro-life candidate who permits some exceptions, but works to assist moms to choose life, rather than a candidate who does not support any limits on abortion.
  • Only a small percentage of respondents (21%) support an extremist pro-abortion position of abortion being available anywhere, at any time.

Political Climate & Public Sentiment: A majority of Americans disapprove of current political leadership and direction of the country:

  • 71% of voters feel the country is heading in the wrong direction, including a majority of Democrat voters (52%).
  • 61% of voters disapprove of President Biden.
  • Similarly, 57% of voters disapprove of Vice President Harris. 

Presidential Candidate Preference and Congressional Approval Ratings:

  • Donald Trump leads incumbent Joe Biden 46% to 44%, suggesting a desire for a return to more conservative principles and values.
  • The generic approval ratings for Congress show a 48% to 43% lead for the GOP, indicating a general preference for a change in political leadership.

As you can see our poll reveals the truth about how Americans really feel about where the country is headed under the anti-life, anti-American leadership of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

People want to reverse course.

This is especially true about abortion.

While those who promote unlimited abortions make emotional pitches about “women’s rights” and “health care” and “choice” they refuse to have an honest debate about abortion.

It is crucial for our political leaders and presidential candidates to recognize that most Americans want less abortion, not more. The results of our Priests for Life / McLaughlin poll can guide them and others to engage in meaningful conversation, while having compassion for different perspectives, and hopefully save lives.

That conversation needs to happen and NOW and continue over the summer and throughout the current election season.

This year’s presidential election holds major significance because it is the first to take place since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

As our political leaders actively address the issue of abortion, Priests for Life will continue to show them where Americans stand on the issue and how it impacts their voting decision. I’m confident our poll will encourage candidates not to run away from this issue.

But we’re not taking anything for granted.

So in addition to reaching out to political candidates Priests for Life must continue the important work of training pro-life activists like yourself on how to carry out important tasks this election. These include how to:

  • Be a poll worker.
  • Do door-to-door canvassing.
  • Make calls at a phone bank.
  • Write an effective and persuasive “letter to the editor” to a local newspaper.
  • What to say when calling in to radio talk shows.

We’ve also got to continue encouraging the clergy to preach against abortion with boldness and courage, while also providing them with the support and materials they need.

But even that’s not all.

Priests for Life is producing videos that highlight the stark differences between the Republican and Democrat parties … the progress made under President Trump … ways that individuals, organizations and churches can help get out the vote … polling dynamics … voting records of candidates … moving the courts in the right direction … early voting … absentee voting … how to motivate voters … and much more.

As the recognized face and voice of America’s pro-life movement it falls to you and me and the entire Priests for Life family to lead the country out of the darkness of abortion and into the light of life. 

You can do your part in that work through your Summer Pledge and ongoing partnership with Priests for Life. 

Your sacrifices, your prayers and your financial donations empower Priests for Life to lead the pro-life movement. 

And it will be your prayers and financial gifts that will help sustain Priests for Life’s vital projects throughout the financially dry summer and for as long as it takes for us to win victory over abortion.

The key to victory lies in convincing TENS OF MILLIONS of our fellow Americans of the truth about the Democrats and how they are literally destroying the country. From now until the final vote is cast in November Priests for Life will pound that truth home to people. We will do so:

  • On TV … through programs and interviews we produce here in our state-of-the-art studio for both our own online channel – EndAbortion.TV – and for numerous conservative outlets (Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, OAN, RSBN, and countless podcasts).
  • On social media and video-sharing platforms… Priests for Life has a vocal presence on Rumble, Truth Social, GETTR, X, Instagram, Facebook and You Tube and reaches HALF A MILLION people EVERY DAY
  • Over the radio … through our weekly one-hour pro-life “Gospel of Life” show on Radio Maria and my daily one-minute pro-life radio spots that are broadcast on just about all the stations of the extensive Bott Broadcasting radio network. At any one moment my spots have the potential to reach over 30 MILLION listeners!
  • Through my EMAILS and Action Alerts which I send to over 500,000 pro-life activists and leaders daily.
  • On our Priests for Life WEBSITE – EndAbortion.US. We provide pro-life organizations, leaders, and activists all across the country with the materials and resources they need to defeat the anti-life extremism of the Democrats and protect the mothers and babies in their states from the abortionists. 
  • In my LETTERS which are sent to millions of Americans in their homes with actions they can take to help defeat the pro-abortion Democrats and end abortion.

As our poll results show, the vast majority of our fellow Americans are with us on all the major issues confronting our nation today: Abortion. Supporting vulnerable mothers. Promoting adoption. Defending freedom.

Almost three of every four Americans – including 52% of self-identified Democrat voters – agree that the country is heading down the wrong track.

This is why I’m confident we can get pro-life candidates elected to office this year, drive the Democrats (who are obsessed with abortion) from positions of power in the government, restore our freedoms, and save America.

It will take an estimated $1,200,000 to fund all of Priests for Life’s work this summer and I’m counting on you to make a 3-Month Summer Pledge that will help us raise the dollars needed to carry out all the work I’ve outlined for you in this letter throughout June, July and August.

I know you’ll be as generous as you possibly can. You always are.

But I implore you to be particularly generous right now and that for two reasons.

  1. Because the summer months are the least productive in terms of raising funds for our work. On top of that, due to the horrific Biden economy, Priests for Life is already suffering from a serious drop in donations. I told you about this in my previous letter. Your Summer Pledge will help make sure that all of our election related work as well as everything we’re doing to end America's abortion holocaust continues without any letup.
  2. Because, as I told you earlier, the next three months will go a long way to determine the future of the country. Or if we even have a future.

Right now the flame of freedom, although flickering, still burns. But if our enemies win this year’s elections, they will snuff out that flame and I fear it may never get re-lit.

That’s why I’m begging you to please put self-interest aside and make a very much needed 3-Month Summer Pledge to Priests for Life. Thank you in advance for what I know will be a selfless Pledge.

And since I know it will entail sacrifice on your part to fulfill your Pledge, I will continue to pray for you every day at Mass.

Thank you again for replying to this letter away. May God bless you and may He watch over us and protect us this summer and for as long as we do battle against the powers of darkness and the enemies of life.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone, National Director

Priests for Life

P.S. I almost forgot. Another reason why your Summer Pledge and this year’s elections are so vital is this: Judges. It’s the President and the Senate who appoint judges. Donald Trump and the pro-life Senate gave us the Supreme Court with the courage to end the evil of Roe v Wade. In contrast Joe Biden appointed a pro-abortion fanatic to the Court. Not only that but he’s appointed 193 federal judges … and counting. And judges have a huge say in how America functions. So I ask you: Who do you want appointing our nation’s judges? Joe Biden? Or Donald Trump?

P.P.S. If there is any way for you to send your entire Summer Pledge today that would be a real blessing. As I’ve told you here and previously, your dollars are critically needed in order for Priests for Life to warn people of how dangerous the Democrats are. Thank you.

 NOTE: If you prefer to make your Summer Pledge donation by mail, please make your check out to Priests for Life and mail it to us at:  PO Box  236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.  If you have any questions, call us at our easy-to-remember number:  321-500-1000 … or toll-free at 888-735-3448.



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