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60-Day Push to keep the Biden Administration

from forcing Priests for Life to pay for abortions!

September 2023


Joe Biden and the abortion-mad Democrats are at it again.

There’s a law called the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. But not surprisingly, the Biden Administration is trying to attach a new rule to it regarding abortion.

Biden and the Democrats want to force employers to “accommodate” an employee’s abortion. Which means, to PAY for the abortion.  

Please join forces with Priests for Life as we rally all pro-life Americans to make their voices heard and tell the Administration to withdraw the rule.

It is vital that every member of the Priests for Life family take an active role in this effort. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Help fund Priests for Life’s 60-Day Campaign with as large a donation as you can make today. Please take this action now … before you go on to another webpage.
  2. Submit a comment to the Administration in which you clearly state your objections to the proposed rule. Do this the moment you finish reading my letter.

Ever since it took control of the government the Biden administration has been maniacally aggressive in its mad drive to impose “abortion till birth” on the country.

As a loyal member of the Priests for Life family you know how we have worked together to OPPOSE these merchants of death and heralds of the culture of death.

And we’re doing so again because the pro-life movement looks to Priests for Life to lead the way in this newest battle.

But in order to do so we must have your unbridled support; and that includes both your time and your treasure.

As for your treasure, it is the tax-deductible donation to Priests for Life that I’m counting on you to make right now.

As for your time, that includes submitting your comment to the Biden Administration, as well as staying actively involved in all of Priests for Life’s life-saving work.

Both your treasure and your time are needed immediately because we only have a few short weeks to rally God’s people to rise up and demand a retraction. Let me briefly explain.

Back in December Congress passed the much-needed Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA).

At the time one of the bill’s co-sponsors – Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) – said the law was needed to “provide commonsense protections for pregnant workers, like extra bathroom breaks or a stool for workers who stand, so they can continue working while not putting extra strain on their pregnancies.”

The bill’s other co-sponsor – Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) – chimed in stating that the bill ensures “pregnant mothers will have the workplace accommodations they need.” He further called the bill “pro-mother, pro-life and pro-family.”

The law was set to go into effect in June.

That’s when the Biden administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) decided to inject pro-abortion politics into the PWFA.

Instead of abiding by the strict wording of the law, the EEOC is using the law to force employers to “accommodate” a female worker’s decision to have an abortion, such as paying an employee if she asks for leave so she can kill her baby in an abortion.

This ruling is a direct attack on Priests for Life and every business or organization in America that has fifteen or more employees / staff members. The ruling is a total abuse of power. It is government overreach to the max. Or as pro-life Sen. Cassidy put it:

“The Biden administration has gone rogue. These regulations completely disregard legislative intent and attempt to rewrite the law by regulation. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is aimed at assisting pregnant mothers who remain in the workforce by choice or necessity as they bring their child to term and recover after childbirth. The decision to disregard the legislative process to inject a political abortion agenda is illegal and deeply concerning.”

Senator Cassidy is absolutely right.

And because he is Priests for Life is rallying all pro-life Americans to take immediate action!

By law anytime a government agency issues a proposed ruling on how a law is to be implemented it must submit its proposal – called “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” – to the Federal Registry, which then gives citizens SIXTY DAYS to comment.

That comment period clock is ticking. Comments opposing the EEOC’s rule proposal must be submitted by October 10.

Working in our favor is the fact that the Biden Administration is compelled by law to read every single comment that’s submitted. So Priests for Life’s goal is to generate upwards of ONE MILLION comments for this simple purpose:

To overwhelm Biden and the Democrats with so many pro-life comments that they withdraw this pro-abortion rule.

Knowing the dedication and commitment of pro-life warriors such as yourself I’m fully confident we can accomplish this mission.

But in order to have any chance of success, we’ve got to ACT NOW!!!

That’s why I’m writing to you with so much urgency and why Priests for Life has launched our critical 60-Day Campaign.

Your donation today is especially crucial because Priests for Life has to raise $1.2 million to fund this 60-Day Campaign. Every penny of that $1.2 million will come from the sacrifices which you and other pro-life heroes make on behalf of the babies.

So please give this Campaign and all of our life-saving work your wholehearted support:

As for the 60-Day Campaign itself, your dollars will allow Priests for Life to use our massive communications outreach to generate those ONE MILLION comments to the Administration, including:

  • Our active presence on SOCIAL MEDIA sites like Facebook, Truth Social, GETTR, X (Twitter), YouTube, Instagram and more. We currently reach over ONE MILLION people EVERY DAY across these media platforms, including our own online channel: EndAbortion.TV
  • Blasting special “Action Alert” emails to hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists all across the country urging them to submit a comment to the Administration.
  • Mailing special appeals to pro-life warriors and rallying them to take immediate action.
  • Equipping the clergy with the information they need to GET INVOLVED and urge their parishioners and congregations to submit comments to the Administration.

We have but a few short weeks to stop Biden’s tyrannical effort to hijack the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and use it to force employers to pay for abortions. So please:

  1. PRAY for the success of our 60-Day Campaign.
  2. Use this link to submit your comments to the Biden Administration. Just follow the instructions step by step and you will be led to the proper pages on the government site. Please do this TODAY … before you go on to your next web page. Comments must be submitted by October 10.
  3. Give your FINANCIAL SUPPORT to Priests for Life and this Campaign.

Your donation is urgently needed so that Priests for Life can successfully carry out our 60-Day Campaign and all of our work to make abortion, not merely illegal, but even more importantly, unthinkable.  

Thank you for recognizing the urgency of the moment and taking immediate action.

And as an added bonus, I have a SPECIAL GIFT to offer you and it’s absolutely FREE

Anthony DeStefano, my close friend and longtime collaborator in the pro-life movement, has written what I believe is one of his most important books yet. It’s called 30 Days to Your New Life and I want to send you a copy because Anthony’s book goes to the heart of what you and Priests for Life are trying to do, namely: Achieve victory in the cultural-spiritual war that is currently raging around us, particularly with regard to abortion

But personal development is not enough in this battle. In order to be your best self and make any headway in the culture war, we need more than just self-help – we need God’s help too.

That’s because the whole moral system has been turned on its head. We are literally entrenched in a culture of atheistic deceit, relativism, and death. Spiritual darkness prevails everywhere. Black has become white and white has become black. Unborn babies with hearts that beat, lungs that breathe, and nerves that feel are called “blobs of tissue” with fewer rights than sea turtles.

The problems that afflict modern society and that afflict each of us personally are not just psychological or physical in nature. There’s a huge spiritual component involved. And you can’t fight a spiritual battle with worldly weapons. You need to use spiritual weapons for that kind of combat.

Which is why I want to send you 30 Days to Your New Life. When put into practice it will give you those spiritual weapons; and in doing so, empower you not only to transform your life, but to help you assist us to win the great cultural-spiritual war in which we are presently engulfed. 

And there is no more critical battlefield of this war than abortion. The side that wins this battle will win the culture war.

Thanks to the generosity of one of your fellow Priests for Life family members …

I am able to send you a copy of 30 Days to Your New Life absolutely FREE in appreciation for your donation of $35 or more to help fund Priests for Life’s vital 60-Day Campaign.

Once your donation is processed, you will receive an email with the link to a special page for Anthony’s book. The email will also include a discount code that you will need to enter at checkout.  

I’ll close with that but not before I express my humble gratitude for your selfless commitment to Priests for Life’s work and the plight of our unborn brothers and sisters.

Know that I thank God for you every day and pray that He bless you a thousand fold.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life


NOTE: If you prefer to make your donation by mail, please make your check out to Priests for Life and mail it to us at:  PO Box  236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.  If you have any questions, call us at our easy-to-remember number:  321-500-1000 … or toll-free at 888-735-3448.


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