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February, 2021


90-Day Campaign for LIFE

During Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office we must

RALLY pro-life America to RISE UP and OPPOSE his push
to expand abortion and kill more babies!

What you and Priests for Life warned people would happen if Joe Biden and his fellow pro-abortion extremists took control of the country is on the verge of happening.

For the sake of our unborn brothers and sisters we’ve got to stop them!

And no pro-life organization in the world is as prepared or equipped to lead this pro-life opposition than Priests for Life. Thanks to you and hundreds of thousands of pro-life warriors like you, Priests for Life is the recognized face and voice of the pro-life movement. 

Priests for Life is going to rally the tens of millions of Americans who helped win so many pro-life victories during President Trump’s time in office to rise up and keep Joe Biden from carrying out a massive Reign of Terror on the unborn.

It all begins with Priests for Life’s annual 90-Day Campaign for Life – which coincides with Biden’s first 100 days as President – and is the opening project of the Pro-life MAGA Movement. 

And while the 90-Day Campaign for Life begins on Ash Wednesday February 17 and runs until Pentecost Sunday May 31, the Pro-life MAGA Movement will continue until we win victory over abortion.

For 2021 the purpose of the Pro-life MAGA Movement is fourfold:

  1. To educate people about President Trump’s pro-life accomplishments.
  2. To expose and oppose the pro-abortion extremism of Biden and the Democrats.
  3. To rally pro-life Americans to support the country’s pro-life lawmakers.
  4. To begin NOW to TAKE BACK CONGRESS in the 2022 mid-term elections.

Your continued partnership with Priests for Life is critically needed throughout the 90-Day Campaign and going forward.  But here’s what I need from you beginning right now:

  • Your PRAYERS. Our fight to end abortion is spiritual warfare. So I’m relying on you to use the time of Lent to pray for an end to legalized abortion in America. You can click here and download the Daily Prayer to End Abortion that I wrote. Please say this prayer every day throughout the Campaign.
  • Your INVOLVEMENT. While we work for an end to abortion nationwide, it’s important that you do what you can to make your local community abortion-free.
  • Your FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Due to the critical importance of Priests for Life’s work over these next three months and throughout the pro-abortion Biden administration, I’m going to need you to be more generous than you usually are. 

Your financial support today is crucial because Priests for Life has to raise $1.8 million just to fund this 90-Day Campaign. Our budget for the entire year runs close to ten million dollars. And every penny of that will come from the sacrifices which you and other pro-life heroes make on behalf of the babies.

So please give this Campaign and the entire Pro-life MAGA Movement your wholehearted support, both spiritually with your prayers and financially with your tax-deductible gifts

At this critical time for the youngest members of our human family I encourage you to be of stout heart. 

When the Apostles were overcome with fear in the midst of the storm on the Sea of Galilee, Our Lord came to them and said: 

“Do not be afraid!”

Right now our nation is like that tiny boat. The waves of tyranny are tossing us about like a cork. The winds of hatred threaten to capsize us.    

As I told you in a prior letter, the radical Mob Left, the Democrats, Big Tech, the fake news media, Church leaders, Hollywood, academia, and corporate America have all conspired to cancel you, silence your pro-life voice, destroy the pro-life movement, expand their radical “abortion till birth” (and even beyond!) agenda, kill more babies, and force you to pay for those abortions.

Knowing you as I do, I am confident you will not allow them to bully or intimidate you. If anything, their rage against you will backfire and only serve to strengthen your resolve in your fight to end the crime of abortion and preserve religious freedom for future generations. 

So stand firm. Put your trust in God. He will not let you down. He is in the boat with you and telling you:

Do not be afraid.

Continue to partner with Priests for Life as we move forward with confidence.

According to the Democrat agenda, America would not be a free, prosperous and God-fearing nation. They have an offensive “abortion till birth” agenda, which destroys everything else in its path.

Which is why Priests for Life is going to oppose them every step of the way and rally all of pro-life America to rise up and join us. We’ll do our recruiting by:

  • Expanding our broadcasting on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others.  Big Tech carries out censorship, but despite that, Priests for Life reaches close to ONE MILLION people EVERY DAY across social media platforms. 
  • Producing new programs for our “Defending Life” series that airs over EWTN. In the USA alone, EWTN reaches some 95 million households. 
  • Providing pro-life activists the materials they need to expose the anti-life extremism of Joe Biden and the Democrats
  • Producing a series of videos that expose the extremism of the Democrats and explain why it’s vital for people to work with Priests for Life to oppose them.
  • Send information and encouragement to thousands of clergy and urging them to rise up and help lead the pro-life movement to victory over abortion. 
  • Equipping our priests and Pastoral Associates to crisscross the country and sound the alarm about the Democrats and their “abortion till birth” agenda.

There you have it. Priests for Life’s aggressive plan for this year’s 90-Day Campaign for Life. The success of the Campaign is vital to our fight against abortion. Remember:

If we allow Joe Biden and his pro-abortion henchmen to carry out their Reign of Terror on the unborn then America is doomed. 

That’s why you need to partner with Priests for Life and take the three actions that will help make our $1.8 million 90-Day Campaign for Life the most effective and most successful one ever:

  1. To PRAY for the success of the Campaign.
  2. To get ACTIVELY INVOLVED in as many Campaign projects as you can.
  3. To give your FINANCIAL SUPPORT to the Campaign.

Regarding that third action, you’ll recall that I asked you to be “more generous” than usual with your donations.  I did so because of all that’s at stake for the country right now. 

Your tax-deductible donation – combined with the other gifts you’ll send throughout our 90-Day Campaign for Life – will help fund the projects I listed for you above.  

Priests for Life is going to EXPOSE the pro-abortion extremism of Joe Biden and the Democrats, and RALLY all God-fearing Americans to rise up and OPPOSE their radical agenda.

Thank you for recognizing the urgency of the moment and the vital importance of our work together in the battle to save America and end the nation’s abortion holocaust.  No issue is more important right now than the fight against abortion. 

So as you prayerfully consider how God is calling you to help, don’t be afraid to be more generous than you think you can be.  Remember: God is never outdone in generosity.  He knows the sacrifices you are making for His innocent children and He will bless you a hundred fold. 

On behalf of the youngest members of our human family, thank you for your immediate and generous reply.  I will remember you at every Mass I offer during this important 90-day period; as will the other priests of Priests for Life. 

Thank you again and may God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life

P.S. Something else you should know is this.  In spite of the fact that many at the Vatican – as well as Bishops around the world and here in the U.S. – have strongly encouraged our Priests for Life ministry, we receive no funds from any official Church entity

Every penny we receive comes from individuals just like you: Hard-working, dedicated pro-life champions.  Which is why the success of our 90-Day Campaign for LIFE depends entirely on you and the Priests for Life family. 

That’s why I’m hoping you will take a moment right now – and as often as you can throughout the 90-Day Campaign – to make as large a donation to Priests for Life as you can.  In doing so you will be working with Priests for Life as we lead the pro-life opposition movement. 

NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and mail it to us at: PO Box  236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.  If you have any questions, call us at 321-500-1000.


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