"Priests for Life has the most effective political impact of any Catholic apostolate in our country."
– Dr. Deal Hudson (Director, Catholic Outreach, Presidential campaigns of George W. Bush)

Days until the
2023 Elections

(Tuesday, November 7, 2023)
Days until the
2024 Elections

(Tuesday, November 5, 2024)

Statement from Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

Dear Friends,

It’s time for electoral action like never before.

The 2024 Presidential race is well underway, as candidates declare their intentions and start building their campaigns. We need people who have a proven track record of dealing with both domestic and international challenges, and who bear the battle scars incurred by all who fight loyally to defend the principles in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

We need people who put America first, who understand that there are moral laws beyond the authority of government to change, and who boldly defend the most vulnerable, the unborn.

The actions of the next President will decide whether America will be destroyed and absorbed into a globalist regime, or instead will rise up in new strength and live out her identity as the greatest nation on earth.

We are committed to equipping you to make the difference, for yourselves, your children and your grandchildren.

Nor must we forget the various state and local elections that will be held in 2023.

To prepare for both of these election cycles, we are currently holding our monthly Election Training calls, for which we invite you to sign up.

Please also familiarize yourself with the contents of this website, utilize its resources, and pass it along to others!

God bless you and God bless America!


Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone
National Director

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