Daily Election Challenge

Welcome, friends! On this page we give you a daily challenge to fulfill a simple action item to prepare voters for the elections. The text describes the action, and above the text you can click to watch the video for each day about the challenge. Please take up these action items each day, pass them along to others, and let's win victories in this election for the unborn and for America!

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

Daily Challenge Day 12: Oct 31 (3 Days to Election Day):Visit TrumpandCatholics.com
Today’s challenge is to come against the fake narrative that Joe Biden, because he claims to be Catholic, somehow provides a benefit for Catholics. He doesn’t. In reality, it is the long list of accomplishments of President Trump that has advanced the things that the Catholic Church teaches and values. That is why we have established the web page http://www.TrumpAndCatholics.org and invite you to read through it and spread the information on it, either by letting people know of the domain, or sharing the individual items one by one on social media, or printing out the printable version (see link at the top of the page), or bringing it to your pastor, and any other creative ways you can come up with.
Daily Challenge Day 11: Oct 30 (4 Days to Election Day): Help Retain Republican, Pro-life US Senate
Today’s challenge is to help win US Senate elections for Republicans, who right now have the pro-life majority in the Senate and need to keep and increase it for the sake of good legislation and the confirmation of good judges, which is the responsibility of the Senate. If you are in a state that has a US Senate race, contact the campaign of the Republican candidate and find out how you can help. They may need volunteers to make calls, knock on doors, distribute literature, or may just need you to make a donation. If you know people in other states that have a US Senate race, talk to them about doing the same. In discussions with voters and on social media, stress the important, motivating factor of continuing to move the Supreme Court and other federal courts in a pro-life direction. A Republican Senate is essential for doing that. Some of the most closely-watched US Senate races are in the following states: GA, IA, MI, MN, KS, MT, NC, AL, ME, CO, AZ
Daily Challenge Day 10: 10/29 (5 Days to Election Day): Spread Powerful Election Sermons by Fr Frank
Today’s challenge is to spread Fr. Frank Pavone’s sermons in which he strongly urges viewers not to vote Democrat, and explains this from the vantage point of Scripture, the Catechism, the Second Vatican Council, The Gospel of Life, the US Bishop’s document “Living the Gospel of Life,” the lives and teachings of the saints, apostles, and martyrs, the lessons of our Founding Fathers, and much more. Find some of these sermons at http://Sermons.ProLifeVote.com. Pass them along to your email list. Share them on social media. Post them on your website. Bring them to the attention of Catholic and other leaders who can share them with their groups. Show them at various gatherings. People are thirsting for clear guidance from their clergy, and for the most part, are getting vague or mixed messages when it comes to voting. These sermons cut through the ambiguity. Fr. Frank Pavone has been preaching this message for 27 years. These are just some of the more recent samples of this preaching.
Daily Challenge: Day 9 – October 28, 2020 (6 Days till Election Day) - Help with Voter Phone Calls
Today’s challenge is to help with voter phone calls by signing up at https://www.TrumpTalk.gop. At that page you’ll be able to indicate that you want to help make phone calls, from the comfort of your home, to targeted voters to encourage them to get out and vote. That is the name of the game right now at this phase of the election. The Trump Campaign and the GOP have made history in the numbers of voters they have directly contacted by phone, and they can use your help in this final push. You will receive all the instructions, training and tools you need. Find out more at https://www.TrumpTalk.gop, or https://trumpvictory.com/trumptalk/.
Daily Challenge: Day 8 – Oct 27 (7 Days till Election Day): Connect with Team Trump On Social Media!
Today’s challenge is to connect with Team Trump on social media. The President’s campaign has several key social media platforms that serve distinct purposes. Take the items they post and like, comment, and share them! RealDonaldTrump indicates the President’s own platforms. TeamTrump is the official Campaign platform, providing daily Campaign messaging, including the President’s rallies and Joe Biden’s cringeworthy behavior. The TrumpWarRoom platforms highlight the President’s historic accomplishments and counteracts the FakeNews, striking back ten times harder! The GOP platforms round out this material with Republican election messaging. You can also get the “Trump 2020” app for a lot of helpful daily material. Here are the links: Team Trump Facebook: Officialteamtrump; DonaldTrump; GOP Twitter: @TeamTrump; @TrumpWarRoom; @realDonaldTrump; @GOP Instagram: @TeamTrump; @TrumpWarRoom; @realDonaldTrump; @GOP Team Trump Parler: @TeamTrump
Daily Challenge: Day 7 – Oct 26 (8 Days till Election Day) – Watch & Spread President Trump Rallies!
There’s nothing like a Trump rally! Today’s challenge is to watch and spread as many of these rallies as you can! There will be an increase of these events, in various locations around the country, over these next eight days. You can watch them at https://www.EndAbortion.TV and the various social media and video streaming platforms accessible from there. The schedule of upcoming rallies will be there. You can view the past rallies as well, at https://www.ProLifePresident.org. Invite as many others to watch as you can, and share the links to the rallies on your websites, emails and social media. These rally speeches are a great tool for voter education. The President talks about the specific and historic accomplishments that he and his Administration have achieved in record time. He affirms the principles around which our country is founded and the determined optimism that overcomes every obstacle. He reaffirms our nation’s faith in God, and also reminds us of the dangers the Democrat Party poses for our country and our freedom.
Daily Challenge: Day 6 – Oct 25 (9 Days till Election Day) – Tell Voters About Your US House Race
The daily challenge for today is to talk to voters within your own Congressional District about the race for US House, and about the stark difference between the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress. Make sure you know who the candidates are for the race. With very few exceptions, the Democrat candidate – whether an incumbent or a challenger – supports late-term abortion. Make sure others know that. Moreover, the House Democrats aren’t even willing to strengthen protections for babies born alive after a failed abortion (see BornAlive.US). No person who can’t protect a baby is fit to protect the rest of us. And finally, point out that in re-electing President Trump, we also have to give him a Congress that will work with him instead of obstruct him with phony investigations and impeachments, as the Democrats have proven they are all too eager to do.
Daily Challenge: Day 5 – Oct 24 (10 Days till Election Day) – Reach Out to Supportive Church Leaders
The daily challenge for today is to reach out to the leaders in a church you know, whether clergy or lay leaders, who share our views about the election and the issues and may be open to receiving some tools to equip their congregation. You may not have such leaders in your own church, but you may know a pastor or lay leader in another Church. Go to the Church section of ProLifeVote.com, see the resources that are there for prayer, preaching, and the church bulletin and website, and encourage them to use them these last two weekends before the election. Perhaps they want to use ElectionPrayer.com or the Party Comparison Piece at VotingInfo.net.
Daily Challenge: Day 4 – October 23, 2020 (11 Days to Election Day): Study Your Ballot
The daily challenge for today is to take the time to look at and study your ballot in advance of voting. On Ballotpedia.org, you can enter your address and see in advance the ballot you will be asked to fill out in this election. This gives you a chance to look up the positions of the candidates, particularly those who are less familiar to you, and to learn more about any ballot initiative that may be up for a vote in your state. The specific page is https://ballotpedia.org/Sample_Ballot_Lookup
Daily Challenge: Day 3: Reach Out to your Contacts! - October 22, 2020 (12 Days till Election Day)
The daily challenge for today is to take the time to look at each entry in your contacts and ask how you can encourage them to vote. Look for like-minded people who would be open to you giving them information on the candidates and a friendly reminder to get out and vote. Consider also what additional people they can influence. They have contacts of their own, and maybe they lead a prayer group, Bible study, or other group. Encourage them to reach out to others about the election as well. Go carefully and deliberately through your lists, from A to Z, whether it is the contacts on your phone, or in your email address book, or your friends and followers on your social media accounts, or your Christmas card list. Elections are a numbers game. We have to get our people out to vote, and this will pay off.
Daily Challenge: Day 2: Spread Candidate Information – October 21, 2020 (13 Days till Election Day)
The daily challenge for today is to read and spread the information at www.VotingInfo.org, which helps voters learn where candidates, at various levels of government, stand on the issues. The general guidance and specific resources on that page lead citizens to voter guides of various types that can be used online or printed. Detailed information, including what organizations endorsed a candidate and whom that candidate endorsed, as well as voting records of candidates who are members of Congress, are available. The challenge is to take the time to read through this page, explore the links, and pass it along to at least several voters today.
Daily Challenge: Day 1: Take Part in Election Prayer Campaign – 10/20/20 (14 Days till Election Day)
The daily challenge for today is to say and spread the Election Prayer. At www.ElectionPrayer.com, you will find this interdenominational prayer in English and in Spanish. Pray it each day. Link to it from your websites and spread it on social media. Email it to others. Print it or order the prayer cards and bring them to your prayer group, bible study, or group meeting. Show the prayer to your pastor and have the Church pray it these next two weekends. Have it in the Church bulletin and on the Church website!

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