Important Wisconsin Supreme Court Election April 4

As many of you are aware, Wisconsin’s government remains perpetually deadlocked, with pro-abortion Governor Tony Evers at odds with a Republican Supermajority in the State Legislature.

Though the State Supreme Court (and any court for that matter) is technically supposed to be nonpartisan and strictly upholding the merits of the law (in this case, as outlined in the Wisconsin State Constitution), the current balance of power in the Wisconsin Supreme Court is a 4-3 conservative, pro-life majority – but now with conservative Justice Patience Roggensack retiring, this high-stakes election has liberal Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Janet Protasiewicz facing off against conservative former Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly. This leaves the State Supreme Court’s 4-3 conservative majority hanging in the balance, to be determined by voters on April 4.

Why does this matter?

Following the overturning of Roe, Governor Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul filed a lawsuit to overturn the state’s 1849 abortion ban. This case is highly likely to eventually end up before the Wisconsin Supreme Court to decide the future of abortion in America’s Dairyland. We need to maintain a conservative, pro-life majority in the court to help keep the 1849 abortion ban in place.

Though technically nonpartisan, we all know that the political leanings of justices color their rulings on the bench – and Janet Protasiewicz is campaigning on promises to uphold abortion access.

What we need from all of you:

1. Turn out to vote on April 4. Bring every pro-life friend, family member, and acquaintance you can think of who is a registered voter in Wisconsin.

2. Get out the message to your friends, family, church, and every pro-life voter in Wisconsin between now and April 4 that this election is even happening – so many are unaware of this election, especially as April is not a traditional day people think of to vote, and many do not even think about who their state supreme court justices are, much less turn out to vote for a justice.

MyVote Wisconsin is a great resource of information that will help you determine where your polling place is if you are not already aware of this information, and is a treasure trove of other information that should hopefully help answer any Election Day questions you may have.

Let’s get out the pro-life vote on April 4!

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