We’ve Got Your Back, Harrison!

The Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us to let our light shine (Mt. 5:16) and to proclaim our Faith from the rooftops (Mt. 10:27).

Throughout Christian history, the Faith has been attacked and defended in culture and politics. Today, both in the civil arena and in the Church, attempts are made to silence, sideline and punish anyone who fights back against such attacks.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we sign this letter as a public act of solidarity with one another and with Harrison Butker.

Many of us are Catholic, and know that Harrison Butker is a strong Catholic who lives out his faith in his daily life and is unafraid to let the world know that he is a proud and faithful Catholic. By encouraging the graduates of Benedictine College to be bold in their faith, to value marriage and parenthood, and to oppose the culture of death, he has come under attack.

We need role models who, like Harrison Butker, are not afraid to call out politicians and religious leaders who either advance the culture of death directly through their fanatical promotion of abortion, or do so indirectly through their cowardly silence. Killing unborn babies is NOT compatible with the Christian Faith and never will be.

We need role models who, like Harrison Butker, are not afraid to use their notoriety to publicly proclaim the Truth of the gospel, urge people to follow Christ’s teachings, and encourage them to live out their Christian faith in their daily lives.

For acts like these, Harrison Butker and others are attacked, persecuted, and criticized. But they deserve praise, gratitude and the support of God’s People. Show your support for Harrison Butker by signing the “We’ve Got Your Back, Harrison” Petition below:

If you want to send Harrison a personal note of encouragement, type it in here. Priests for Life will make sure your note is sent to Harrison Butker. Thank you and God bless.

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