How has President Trump positively impacted your life?

As I explained in my alert, I am asking you to send me your stories of how President Trump has positively impacted you. You can do so in the comments box below. Think as broadly as you can: How your work in pro-life has been affected; how your church has benefited; how you see our nation as a result of our president’s America-first philosophy; how veterans in your life have received better healthcare.

These stories will provide a boost to the president’s campaign as we approach the most momentous election of our lives. In November we will literally be choosing what sort of nation America will be going forward. All of us has a vital role to play to ensure our future.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. And please have as many other people as possible do this as well. Your involvement is an encouragement to me and my team! 

Let us know how President Trump has positively impacted your life
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