Take Action to Protect the Church's Freedom of Conscience

In 2012, Priests for Life held a webcast on this issue. Panelists included Congressman Chris Smith and experts from National Right to Life.

A history of the HHS Mandate lawsuit and Supreme Court Case


Dear Pro-life Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, the Obama Administration has insulted believers and pro-life people yet again, by ignoring our rights of conscience and insisting that employers will have to cover abortifacients in health insurance plans for their employees. I have written about this, and our response to it, in my column Obama Tampering with Conscience.

One of the possible solutions to this is to urge Congress to pass legislation that increases and expands the conscience protections that we enjoy.

We at Priests for Life intend to personally visit the offices of the members of Congress to deliver this message. Fill out the fields below, and we will include your name and your message. You may edit the message below as you see fit.

In addition, we at Priests for Life are opposing this mandate as employers, not as a religious group. Religious freedom is not a right just of religious groups; it's a right of every American.

Moreover, the exemption for this mandate is so narrow that we have been informed by legal counsel that we do not even qualify for it.

When the announcement was made that the government was neither changing the rule nor expanding the exemption for those who object, but rather merely giving a year's extension to those who qualify for the exemption, we knew we had to act immediately.

Moreover, we don't need a year, nor do we need a moment, to determine what we are going to do, or to "adapt" to the rule. The rule is unjust. You don't adapt to injustice; you oppose it.

That's why we have launched a federal lawsuit against the Obama Administration to block the enforcement of this mandate on us, and to declare it unconstitutional.

Thank you!

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director  

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