RU-486 Abortion Reversal Press Conference - February 2015

Priests for Life and the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists hosted a press conference in Washington, D.C., today (Mon. Feb. 23) to spread the word that a simple and safe medical protocol has been developed that is saving babies whose mothers have taken the first drug of the two-drug procedure known as "RU-486."

Priests for Life Medical Advisor Dr. Matt Harrison did the first-ever reversal in 2007. The child he saved is now a beautiful and healthy 7-year-old girl. Dr. Harrison is with us at the National Press Club today.

The images below show Father Frank with Priests for Life Medical Advisor, Dr Matt Harrison and doctors who have saved 127 babies by reversing RU486 abortions. 49 of those babies are still in the womb, and one of them is here with us right now at the National Press Conference, proving the success of the RU-486 reversal protocol!

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Meet Gabriel, saved in RU-486 abortion reversal, at National Press Club (February 2015)

Fr. Frank talks about RU-486 reversal on WallBuilders (June 6, 2015)

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