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2016 Walk for Life in San Francisco

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Fr. Frank blessed the Life Runners

With my friend and colleague Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America.

Bryan Kemper and Kristan Hawkins

From our Silent No More gathering here in San Francisco at the Walk for Life

Prior to the big mass for life here in San Francisco this morning before the Walk for Life, Fr. Frank met up with some of the Little Sisters of the Poor in front of the cathedral of the San Francisco archdiocese. Their case as well as that of Priests For Life in the US Supreme Court against the HHS mandate have been consolidated along with five others and we are praying for victory! See In the photo are Sr Therese (l) and Sr. Maria Christine Lynch (c).

From our Silent No More gathering here in San Francisco at the Walk for Life

With our friends and colleagues Jim and Joy Pinto here at the Walk for Life in San Francisco

Fr. Frank with Anglican Bishop Eric Menees (l) and Canon Jack Lumanog (r) as they prepare to walk in the West Coast Walk for Life.

The joyful and enthusiastic crowd marching in the city of San Francisco

Father Juan Manuel asks for a photo with Fr. Frank and his whole group that he brought to the Walk for Life. He was very grateful and enthusiastic for the work of Priests For Life. Just before this photo, a seminarian who was handing out the mass booklets told Fr. Frank gratefully that he has been reading Priests for Life literature practically all his life. The whole time was filled with encounters like this!

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