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Kevin Burke in Richmond, VA: Mercy and Healing in the Jubilee Year (October 2016)

Saturday, Oct 1, 2016 St. Bridget Catholic Church, Richmond, VA 

Kevin Burke speaking at the conference

Silent No More Awareness Campaign Regional Coordinator Leslie Davis Blackwell shares her testimony of her abortion losses and healing in Rachel’s Vineyard

Leslie Davis Blackwell of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Kevin Burke with Maggie Disney, Director, Virginia Society for Life (VSHL) and St. Bridget Parishioner

The Honorable Geline Williams, National Right to Life Emeritus and St. Bridget Parishioner, Respect Life Committee (Started the first pro life organization in the US) with Kevin, Leslie and Mike Kozak the Chairman of St. Bridget Respect Life committee

Monsignor William Carr, Pastor, St. Bridget Catholic Church, Richmond, VA spoke of how the Jubilee Year of Mercy and calls all to have a profound respect for life from conception to natural death

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