Visiting the Memorial for the Unborn - Frankfort, KY

Peggy Strange, Regional Coordinator for Louisville, KY, traveled to Frankfort, KY to honor her child at the Memorial for the Unborn in September 2016.  Also attending is her friend Diana, also part of Silent No More, who is honoring her daughter lost to abortion.

Peggy read the following at the Memorial:

My name is Peggy Strange and I am with Silent No More
I want to read you my letter that I wrote to my daughter Jordan Ashley Napier,
but before I do,  I have to say something.
I was on the phone with my niece who was complaining to me
about a friend of ours who was always getting falling down drunk
at gatherings every time you seen her. See she lost her daughter
of 16 years old in car wreck.
I told my niece, you know I have lost a lot a people in my life to death,
but I don't know how I would act if I lost my child.
You see... I did lose my abortion.
I had buried it so deep to cover the pain that
I actually didn't think, I had aborted a child.
Abortion is the biggest lie ever told to me.
I went to a bible study were I received healing and faced
the truth of what I did.
Now, I will read you my letter.
To My Darling Daughter Jordan Ashley Napier.
I have loved you with every tear that I have cried.
I am sorry that I believed all the lies.
I know that you are a beautiful young woman
and that you are perfect in Gods eyes.
I can't wait to hold you in my arms,
I will never let you go.


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