Dear Friends of Life, Welcome to another edition of Frontlines!

Fr. Frank Pavone and Bryan Kemper at Night Vision Festival - Colorado (July 2017)

Each year, Victoria Hearst, who heads up Praise Him Ministries, holds a music festival called "Night Vision." She always asks Fr. Frank Pavone and other members of the Priests for Life team to be main speakers for this weekend event, because she wants those who come to hear a strong pro-life message. "Night Vision" reflects the fact that we as Christians are able to see clearly in the "night" of this world, discerning, by Christ's Spirit, who our true enemies are, and where the light of God's Word leads us.

In this talk at the event,  Fr. Frank explains how that "night vision" of Christians enables them to see how much God loves them, and therefore how valuable human life is, amidst a culture that throws it away. Click here to hear his talk.

Youth helpers Tyler and Abigayle at the Priests for Life booth at the Night Vision Festival in Colorado.

Bryan Kemper speaking.

Fr. Frank speaking.

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