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Fr. Frank Pavone and Bryan Kemper at the National Right to Life Convention - July 2017

Fr. Frank and Bryan Kemper spoke at the National Right to Life Convention from Wednesday, June 28th to Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 in Milwaukee, WI.

Bryan Kemper presented a Teen Workshop: Social Justice Begins in the Womb: The Story of a Punk Street Thug, Turned Pro-Life Activist.

Fr. Frank Pavone spoke on:

Providing Support and Leadership in Churches – Rev. Frank Pavone, Ernest Ohlhoff, Marie Bowen


The Church, The Media, and The State – Reverend Frank Pavone, Ernest L. Ohlhoff, Steven Ertelt

Fr Frank and Bryan with the youth in attendance.

Bryan, Ryan Bomberger, Fr. Frank Pavone and Tina Whittington

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