Dear Friends of Life, Welcome to another edition of Frontlines!

Maryland Face the Truth Tour 2018

Jack Ames of Defend Life has successfully orchestrated and executed 18 annual Defend Life MD tours. See more at The tours take place each year late in July.

Fr. Denis Wilde participates in this event every year along with numerous other pro-life activists and youth.

Fr Denis Wilde finds his own lake nearby. Nobody pushed me in, however!

At the heart of it all the Lord grieving with unborn in Hand ... will always forgive the repentant heart. Jack Ames (left) and Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A (right)

Another long train of images of victims of abortion to remind mall shoppers we have work to do - and prayer to do as well.

Happy faces - Fr Denis joins the corner clan here in K of C stop after daily Mass.

Ready youth refreshing for another witness outside on the streets and malls of greater Baltimore....

Drenched but daunting and holding on midst torrents of rain and ripping wind Weds and Friday afternoon.

In Columbia MD mall. The real view of “Choice.”

Part of the 2018 contingent of Defend Life - alert and active youth bringing the prolife message in pictures reminding our society that babies are being killed not far from where they are driving by..

Awaiting the next inspirational guest speaker - a tour of activism and education - and sure encouragement.

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