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Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust Pro-Life Bootcamp 2018 - San Francisco

From July 23 - August 2, 2018, Fr. Stephen Imbarratto and Bryan Kemper lead the youth in pro-life activism and gave talks at the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust Pro-Life Bootcamp 2018 in San Francisco.

At Barnett Medical Services, Medical Waste disposers for San Francisco, Planned Parenthood. Bryan Kemper and others convinced them to stop providing these services to Planned Parenthood.

San Francisco Die In

Fr. Stephen (left) and other activist had lunch with Joseph Sciambra (second from left) who does outreach to the LGBT community. Far right is Lauren Handy.


Cailin of Catholic Teen Posts Speaking at Survivors Pro-life Camp


Bryan Kemper’s son Jameson, practicing pro-life apologetics as part of Survivors Pro-life Camp

Candlelight Prayer Vigil at future Planned Parenthood sight in San Francisco, end of Survivors Camp.

Bryan Kemper with Eva Muntean Chair of Walk for Life West Coast and Walter and Lori Hoye at Survivors Pro-Life Camp

AT Barnett Medical Services

Survivors and Stand True protesting Twitter for censoring pro-life messages in San Francisco

San Francisco Die in

On Campus

Walter Hoye speaking at Survivors Pro-life Camp

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