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Rachel's Vineyard at Mercy House Opening with Bishop Tobin - June 2018

Dr. Theresa Burke and Katie D'Annunzio, attended the opening of the Archdiocese of Newark Mercy House on June 22, 2018. The Blessing was given by Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.SS.R  The Mission of The Mercy House is to offer a welcoming space for individuals and families in need – and to provide emotional support and healing in a comfortable, faith filled environment. 

We are grateful to Cardinal Tobin for his strong support of Rachel’s Vineyard – and to all the dioceses that do the same.


Mercy House, Archdiocese of Newark

Cardinal Tobin with Cheryl Riley, Respect Life Director for Newark. Both are supporters of Rachel's Vineyard.

Theresa Burke (left) and Katie D'Annunzio (Second from Left) with Cheryl A. Riley (far right), Respect Life Director for Newark. Cheryl is a supporter of Rachel’s Vineyard and hopes to run retreats from the new Mercy House, especially to help the poor in that area.

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