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Fr. Frank Pavone and Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA at National Right to Life Convention - July 2018

Fr. Frank Pavone and Denis Wilde, OSA will participate in the 2019 National Right to Life in Charleston, South Carolina, July 5-6, 2019

The National Right to Life Convention is the essential pro-life educational and training event of the year. During this two-day event, national experts on life issues gather in one place to equip the pro-life grassroots with the knowledge and skills they need to advance our cause.

Learn from the best, mingle with like-minded people, hear and meet amazing speakers, and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to go home, get to work and save lives!

Fr. Frank will be leading a panel presentation about fostering leadership in the Churches on the abortion issue. He will be joined on that panel by various leaders of the National ProLife Religious Council, which he serves as President. 

Fr Denis Wilde, OSA will be preaching at all the Sat and Sunday Masses at St John the Baptist Cathedral, Charleston SC on July 6-7.  His prolife theme will embrace and enshrine the inalienable rights of first “Life” - then “Liberty” without which we would not have “Pursuit of” any meaningful “happiness.”  We expect fireworks to lighten the dark skies.  Even after July 4! “


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