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Message from Fr. Frank Pavone: A pro-life Computer Game

I met Kathy DiFiore of the Several Sources Foundation over ten years ago. She was starting her work and I was a Parish Priest in Staten Island.

Mother Teresa helped Kathy keep her homes back in 1984 when the State of NJ tried to close them down. Kathy’s work and homes for unwed moms did survive. In 1986 Kathy was invited to the White House by President Ronald Reagan to honor her efforts to shelter unwed mothers in her own home. That very same year Mother Angelica invited Kathy along with one of her mothers and saved babies to tell her story to the EWTN viewers. Through the continued help and support of Archbishop McCarrick and Bishop Rodimer and the parishes in their dioceses that Kathy’s five homes have been able to continue to shelter mothers and their babies.

Kathy has been sheltering and teaching the moms for over 18 years and she has been invited to bring her prolife, prochastity message to countless high schools, grammar schools and colleges. Her efforts have won her many honors from many Catholic Colleges and High Schools including an Honorary Doctorate from Fellican College in Lodi, NJ.

Now Kathy has been inspired to take what she has learned and teach others through the creation of a wonderful and remarkable Computer Game.

In an effort to spread the prolife message in a way that youth will listen to, Kathy and her Several Sources Foundation staff have created a computer game. The Game has been designed for both male and female players between the ages of ages 16 to 22 years old. It places the players in real life situations where they must choose from a variety of computer images who they wish to date and what they wish to do on a series of dates. The game is fun and entertaining.

Young people throughout the Archdiocese of Newark have helped with the script writing. The majority of the actors are from Catholic High Schools in the Archdiocese.

Most importantly, the message is for the youth... it teaches the prolife, profamily and prochastity values in a way the youth will enjoy and long remember. 

For every choice made during the game, the player experiences consequences, but along the way they are also presented with an angel and a demon to advise and counsel them. The angel teaches them Scripture and tries to inspire a choice that God would be pleased with and the demon tempts the player to do the opposite. At any time in the playing of the game the angel and the demon can be placed on ignore, just as we can at anytime in our lives ignore the advice of those in our lives, whether spiritual or earthly.

This game is featured on the website called Because it is interactive, the Catholic, Christian values taught will help parents and teaches alike to bring the prolife, profamily and prochastity message home to the students who play. This game has great potential because it allows the player to have fun, make choices and learn critical life lessons that reflect the values we are trying to teach our youth. I strongly recommend that you explore it and purchase it as a gift for the youth you know.

Please note that Several Sources Foundation is a prolife foundation dedicated to preserving the lives of the preborn and spreading God’s Word through the operation of five shelters for women seeking an alternative to abortion and for homeless and abandoned women. All profits from the sale of the game will be used to save more innocent preborn from abortion.

This game is based on the real life experiences of the mothers who have lived at the Several Sources Shelters.

Tools such as this computer game help parents to fulfill their responsibilities in a creative and innovative manner. Imagine your child playing a scripture based game which teaches proper dating and courtship values! What a truly wonderful present for any young adult in your family!

Orders for the game may be placed by calling 1-877-2BY-GAME.

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