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The Mission of Catholic Alliance

Catholic Alliance is an independent, non-partisan, issue focused Catholic citizens' movement promoting the common good. We seek to infuse the political process and public conversation with the values informed by our Catholic faith. We are dedicated to the dignity of all human life, primacy of the family, authentic freedom, and solidarity with the poor and needy.


The Four Pillars of Catholic Alliance

The Dignity of All Human Life

We seek to rebuild a culture of life, where all life, from conception to natural death, is esteemed, honored, and given legal protection. We oppose the culture of death, contraception, and materialism by proposing a culture of love, life and fidelity.

Primacy of the Family

We believe that the family is the first church, the first school, the first hospital, the first economy, and the first vital cell of society. We oppose efforts to redefine marriage by sanctioning promiscuous sexual relations, homosexual or heterosexual. We propose and support legislation that recognizes the two parent, opposite sex, marriage bound family as the primary mediating institution of society - public policy which has in its embrace single parents, widows and orphans.

Authentic Freedom

We believe that authentic freedom is bounded by truth and personal responsibility, One of the errors of the current age is the near worship of choice itself as a new absolute. We are opposed to the new libertine license masquerading as freedom, and promote authentic freedom bounded by truth and personal responsibility. This includes the first freedom, religious freedom.

Solidarity with the Poor and Needy

We seek to promote genuine compassion for the poor, which is epitomized by personal involvement between the provider and the recipient. We oppose the substitution of dehumanizing government bureaucracies for real charity. We propose and support legislation which facilitates real charity and limits government to those roles only government can fulfill.


NOTE: Catholic Alliance no longer receives any financial support from the Christian Coalition. It is now a completely independent Catholic organization that is receiving financial support from private donations.



MARCH 9,1998 (202)544-3603

Catholic Alliance announced today additional members of the Catholic Alliance Bishops' Advisory Council. "We are deeply honored to have the prayer, example and advice of these bishops. We desire above all else to be faithful to Catholic teaching as we build a non- partisan Catholic voters' movement promoting the common good. The Church has called for lay men and women to fully participate in the political process to build a more just society, which respects the dignity of all human life, the primacy of the family, authentic freedom and solidarity. Our movement is in response to that call," said Deacon Keith A. Fournier, President of Catholic Alliance.

"Our members are dedicated to effective political action and education in order to change America. As we approach the third millennium, the need for an active educated movement of Catholic voters has never been more urgent. We deeply appreciate the support of Bishops McHugh and Egan in their leadership of this advisory council as well as their demonstrated courage in their own pastoral leadership."

"Catholic Alliance seeks to consolidate a Catholic vote for Life, Family, freedom and Charity in the important 1998 and 2000 elections. Catholics are 23% of the vote in the United States. No political party or candidate can afford to ignore the Catholic vote.',

The Advisory Council is chaired by Bishops McHugh and Egan and includes:

Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln. Bishop Bruskewitz was ordained a priest in 1960 and consecrated in 1992.

Most Reverend Edward M. Egan, Bishop of Bridgeport. Bishop Egan co-chairs the Advisory Council. Bishop Egan was ordained a priest in 1957 and previously served as Auxiliary Bishop of New York. Bishop Egan was appointed ordinary of Bridgeport in 1988.

Most Reverend James T. McHugh, Bishop of Camden. Bishop McHugh was ordained a priest in 1957 and appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Newark in 1987. He was consecrated Bishop of Camden in 1989.

Most Reverend John M. Dougherty, Auxiliary Bishop of Scranton. Bishop Dougherty was ordained a priest in 1957 and elevated to the episcopacy in 1995.

Most Reverend James C. Timlin, Bishop of Scranton. Bishop Timlin was ordained a priest in 1951 and consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of Scranton in 1976. He was elevated to the Scranton see in 1984.

The Alliance anticipates the membership of the Council growing in the months ahead. Catholic Alliance has over 125,000 members and supporters nationwide.


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