Abortion victims obtained in March 2022 from Washington Surgi-Clinic, Washington, DC. Abortionist, Cesare Santangelo. - Below are images of the 110 younger babies.

In March 2022, pro-life activists with Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAUU) were praying in front of a Washington, DC abortion mill, Washington Surgi-Clinic. Cesare Santangelo is the late-term abortionist who works there.

A Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services truck pulled up and the pro-lifers convinced the driver to hand over remains for a proper burial. He agreed to give them one box.

The box contained the remains of 115 aborted babies. Five of the babies appeared to be close to full term. The pro-lifers and some experts suspect that they may have been born alive and left to die, or been killed by an illegal partial-birth abortion.

Most of the babies – 110 of them – were killed in early abortions and an out-of-state burial was arranged and carried out, after the babies were carefully photographed

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