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Questions and Answers about Baby David

Q: What proof do we have that the photograph featured in the “Raise Your Hand” video is real?   

A: The proof that the photo is real is that there are existing news stories (e.g., World Net Daily Press ), and SWAT and police files which confirm its authenticity, as well as first-hand testimonies from the people who found the baby and took the photo.  

Click here to see additional images of the baby.

Q: Who is this baby? 

A: The baby was named Baby David by the pro-life advocates who found his body in the abortion clinic.  

Q: How old was the baby when he was aborted?   

A: The baby was aborted at approximately 28 weeks gestation time.  

Q: How was the baby aborted?   

A: The baby was aborted using the D&E procedure (Dilation and Extraction).

Q: When was the baby aborted? 

A: The baby was aborted in December, 1989.  

Q: Where was the baby aborted?  

A: The baby was aborted at an abortion clinic in Houston, Texas. 

Q: Where, exactly, was the baby found?  

A: The baby was found in a plastic bucket with a lid, in a small back room of the abortion clinic. In the room there were an additional 15 plastic buckets with lids. 

Q: Who found the baby? 

A: The baby was found by pro-life activist Chad Traywick. 

Q: Who took the picture? 

A: The photograph was taken by pro-life activist Chad Traywick. 

Q: Whose hand is holding the baby’s hand? 

A: The hand holding the baby’s hand in the photograph is that of pro-Life leader, Debbie Huddnal. 

Q: Where and when was the baby buried? 

A: The baby was buried on Jan. 20, 1990, in Houston, Texas, by Chad Traywick at an interdenominational memorial service attended by over 100 people.

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