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Some Recent Praise Received for our Work

Video Endorsements above from Fr. Chris Alar, MIC and Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

More Praise from Priests

Priests for Life has helped me, a priest, to understand how my silence and cowardice on abortion uniquely and significantly contributes to this horror of horrors and the often decades-long suffering that follows, and to offer to those who suffer the hope of healing that Our Lord so generously and graciously desires to give.

Through the abundant resources available on the Priest for Life website, I as a priest have gained the vocabulary and understanding to speak confidently about abortion from the pulpit, in the classroom, in the confessional, and even in places like the airport “on the spot”, for as St. Paul said, “God hath not given us a spirit of fear: but of power, and of love, and of sobriety.”

Fr. Jim Marshall, S.J.


Since my seminary days, Priests for Life — through its apostolic witness and mission programs — has provided me with invaluable resources for pastoral ministry, particularly in the promotion of Church teaching on the sanctity of human life. For thirty years, Priests for Life has been active in this great campaign in support of life and continues to provide vital educational resources that advocate for unborn children and their mothers. I have especially found its efforts to educate Catholics on the moral exercise of the citizenship rights and obligations of the faithful with respect to democratic elections to be very helpful. I am grateful to Priests for Life and its affiliated ministries for their support of priests, unwavering defense of human dignity, and unapologetic proclamation of the Gospel of Life. May Almighty God bless its good efforts and bring them to completion.

Rev. Father Shenan James Boquet
President of Human Life International
4 Family Life Lane
Front Royal, VA 22630
Office: 540.622.5267


Dear Fr. Frank,

I was privileged to be part of Priests for Life several years ago as a seminarian.  The pro-life education that I received then has remained with me to this day, and I reference it often in my pastoral ministry.

The benefit of the work of Priests for Life cannot be overestimated.  With resources stretched-thin both in terms of finances and personnel in the Church in the United States, it is difficult to adequately address the multi-dimensional needs of the Pro-Life effort from a diocesan perspective.  Consequently, it is left to other NGOs and Church-based organizations to "fill the gap."  Priests for Life and its affiliated ministries have done this so well.

As I have watched PFL grow over the past twenty years, I have been impressed with the number of ministries under its "umbrella:" 'The Silent No More Awareness Campaign,' 'Rachel's Vineyard Retreat,' 'Seminarian and Deacons for Life,' and outreach to the African American community and youth with Bryan Kemper.  In addition, you accomplish it with a very small staff.  All of these ministries accomplish for the Pro-Life movement what cannot be achieved uniformly throughout the United States, namely, keeping the issue of the dignity of the unborn human person in our consciousness, continually and even heroically.  As a Catholic priest, I am grateful for all of the work that you and PFL have done for the Church in America and indeed for the entire country.

May God continue to bless your good efforts and bring them to completion with the restoration of the dignity of the human person, especially the unborn child, in the United States and throughout the world.

In the peace and victory of our Risen Savior,

Fr. David P. Begany, SSJ

Pastor, Holy Family Catholic Church, Baytown, TX


Fr. Frank A. Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life
President, National Pro-life Religious Council
Pastoral Director, Rachel's Vineyard
Pastoral Director, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

A Welcome from our National Director, Fr. Frank Pavone
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