Joint Statement of Pro-life Leaders

The months between now and November are among the most important in the life of America.

The election of candidates at every level of government, as well as the outcome of ballot initiatives in regard to abortion, will determine whether Americans have more abortions or fewer abortions.

Public opinion is clear: our fellow citizens want less abortion, not more. Americans reject the extremism of those who pretend that we should have no reservations about abortion, and seek to remove even the most modest and reasonable restrictions on abortion that have long been established and supported by a majority of citizens.

Our message to the American people is simple:

  • • As a movement we stand ready to assist Moms and Dads who feel they cannot care for the child who has been conceived. We seek to protect and serve the baby and his/her family.
  • • We are a movement of love, not hate; of compassion, not condemnation. We who reject abortion do not reject those who have had abortions; rather we invite them to forgiveness and healing.
  • • We challenge those who promote abortion as a “right” to describe what they defend, and to be honest with the American people about what an abortion is.
  • • We challenge voters to fulfill their responsibilities to participate in the elections of 2024, to learn the positions of the candidates and to gain an accurate understanding of ballot initiatives.

Abortion has not helped our nation; it has wounded it. We are united in our commitment to protect our nation, its children, and its families.

Dr.  Alveda King
Board Member & Sr. Advisor
Priests for Life

Frank Pavone
National Director
Priests for Life

Dr.  Abby Johnson
And Then There Were None

Thomas A. Glessner
National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)

Stephen Billy
Vice President of State Affairs
Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America

Andy Aplikowski
Executive Director
Human Life Alliance

Mr.  Mark Lee Dickson
Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn

Mark Harrington
Created Equal

Walter and Lori Hoye
Issues4Life Foundation

Mr.  Troy Newman
Operation Rescue

Mr.  Bryan Kemper
Stand True

Joel Brind
Media Advisor
Heartbeat International

Jessica Andreae
Director of Operations
ProLove Ministeries

Mr.  Larry Cirignano

Connie Eller
Missouri Blacks for Life

Rev.  Georgette Forney
Anglicans for Life

George T. Glover
4 Life London Association

Jack Harper
VP and Men’s Director

Sheila L. Harper
Founder and President

Angela Huguenin
Director of Operations
And Then There Were None

Alexandra Snyder
Life Legal Defense Foundation

Karen Herzog
Director of Marketing
ATTWN / ProLove Ministries

Anna Little
New Jersey Director
Choose Life / The Children First Foundation

Barbara King McLaughlin

Mrs.  Donna Murphy
Executive Director
Heaven's Gain Ministries

Sharon Nason
Prolife Montana

Mr.  Brendan O'Connell
Life Matters TV and Media Inc.

Rev.  Joseph Parker
Pastor, Director of Outreach and Intercession
Bethlehem A.M.E. Church, Winona, American Family Association

Mrs.  Dawn Marie Perez
Executive Director Foundation

Sharie Richard
Founder / Soundwave Images

Jennifer Roush
Executive Director
Spera Vita Institute

Robin Sertell
Robim Sertell Ministries / Montanans for Life

Mr.  Andrew Shirvell
Executive Director
Florida Voice for the Unborn

Mr.  Robert Solomon
Vice President
National black prolife union

Laura B. Strietmann
Executive Director
Cincinnati Right to Life

Mrs.  Deborah Tilden
CEO & Co-Founder
LifeVictory Enterprises LLC & dba, S.M.A.R.T. Women's Healthcare

Priests for Life
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Tel. 321-500-1000, Toll Free 888-735-3448 • Email: