I’ve Confessed My Abortion…Why Can’t I forgive Myself?

I’ve Confessed My Abortion…Why Can’t I forgive Myself?

Have you or someone you care about gone to Sacramental Confession or confessed to their minister/pastor the sin of abortion…yet they still struggle to forgive themselves?   Some will confess the sin multiple times hoping to find freedom from the guilt and pain.

This is common and is associated with the need for many women and men to go through a more intensive grieving and recovery program/process so they can find the deeper emotional and spiritual healing they hunger for.

The grace of confession and the forgiveness of Christ and the Church are certainly effective and a great blessing.  But it is important to keep in mind that abortion can be a very deep and intimate wound.  We need to build on the grace and healing of that confession which can serve as a kind of tilling of the soil in our hearts and souls setting the stage for additional healing and recovery work that the Lord in his mercy wants for us.

Fr. Ben Cameron, CPM is the Assistant General of the Father’s of Mercy and through his preaching and pastoral ministry reaches out to those suffering after abortion loss. Fr Ben serves as the spiritual director at Relevant Radio and on a recent radio program touched on this important issue.

Fr Ben shares in this  program a beautiful message of healing and holiness and touches on this issue of forgiving oneself and the benefit of an abortion recovery program.  Fr. Ben shares how God wants to reach out with his mercy to those impacted by the Shockwaves of Abortion. You will also hear in this program a number of callers, women and men who have experienced abortion loss that address some key issues in the healing and recovery journey.

Here’s a link to the program:


I invite you to also consider the book Sharing the Heart of Christ which offers an easy to read overview of some key issues in recovery after abortion such as repeat confessions and self forgiveness.  The book is an excellent resource with preaching and counseling information and tools to help clergy, ministers, and counselors and lay people to reach out more effectively to the millions of women and men impacted by the Shockwaves of Abortion.

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