The Intoxicated Will: CS Lewis’ Weston is Gosnell

The Intoxicated Will: CS Lewis’ Weston is Gosnell

A reader comments:

When you suggested that Gosnell may have initially had noble motivations that were extinguished it reminds me of the character Weston from CS Lewis’ Perelandra:

“The forces which had begun, perhaps years ago, to eat away his humanity had now completed their work. The intoxicated will which had been slowly poisoning the intelligence and the affections had now at last poisoned itself and the whole psychic organism had fallen to pieces. Only a ghost was left – an everlasting unrest, a crumbling, a ruin, and odor of decay.”

Like Weston, our society is “bent” on lower goods (choice, autonomy, privacy) to the exclusion of God’s greatest laws, but his and Gosnell’s tragic path is not ours! “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


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