Beautiful Father’s Day Song for Men Who Lost Children to Abortion

Beautiful Father’s Day Song for Men Who Lost Children to Abortion

A Silent Cry

Here is the Song. 

Some background on the composer and the inspiration for the piece: 

My Name is Paul O’Shea. A few years ago Rachael’s vineyard came to Cork, Ireland, and did a presentation on abortion trauma and healing. My wife and her mom went…. I was not present myself but the following week a conversation was struck up about the Rachael’s Vineyard talk.     I listened.
What struck me was when they spoke of a presentation by Kevin Burke about the sadness men can feel after losing a child to abortion. I never really thought about the father in abortion before that….The following week… I sat down for breakfast and suddenly got an overwhelming urge to write a song about the father perspective of an abortion.

I should say that I have not been affected by abortion so I to my amazement the words flowed out as if Divinely inspired and it was almost complete by the end of my bowl of cornflakes!
I got together with a friend  Noel O’Sullivan…to see  if he would put music to it and he provided piano and backing. I already had the basic tune. The music came as fast to him as the words to me. It was truly amazing to see if come together so fast. I am not a professional singer or songwriter.

We recorded the attached song from Noels house. Please let Rachael’s Vineyard know that this song exists because of them and the work that they do. Please let me know what you think. I would very much appreciate it.

Please also pray for Ireland at this time as the Government are looking to  legislate for abortion.

Your sincerely,


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