Resolved Adverse Effect – The Callous Disregard for the Loss of Preborn Children in Coronavirus Injection Trials

Resolved Adverse Effect – The Callous Disregard for the Loss of Preborn Children in Coronavirus Injection Trials

By Kevin Burke, LSW & Theresa Burke, Ph.D.

Dr. Naomi Wolf and 3,000 highly credentialed volunteers have been carefully analyzing internal Pfizer documents.  A Pfizer adverse events document released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on July 1, 2022, reveals that 44 percent of pregnant women participating in Pfizer’s Coronavirus injection trial suffered miscarriages.

Dr. Paul Alexander, a COVID-19 Researcher in Clinical Epidemiology reports that the FDA received this adverse events report from Pfizer on April 1, 2021. “Thus, the FDA was aware of the horrifying rate of fetal death by the start of April 2021.” Pfizer failed to draw any connection between the injections and the subsequent miscarriages. 

Those of us in the prolife advocacy movement will find this next revelation by Dr. Alexander particularly revealing.  It is consistent with the callous insensitivity toward fetal life found among regime representatives in the NIH, CDC and the current Biden administration:

“Bottom of Form

To reiterate, not only does Pfizer deny any vaccine-related causality and assert the losses of life had other causes, but it also categorizes losing a baby as a ‘resolved adverse effect’ – like a headache that went away…”

Resolved – Adverse – Effect

Prolife advocates have warned for many years of the dangers of manipulating, and corrupting language to promote abortion.  Terms like products of conception and termination of pregnancy are intended to de-humanize and de-personalize a unique member of the human family targeted for destruction. 

When the pregnancy is unintended, and the parent’s decide to end the life of their preborn child, abortion proponents use the Orwellian language of reproductive rights and women making personal health care decisions

Abortion minded parents are resolving their adverse event

Many women and men later regret their decision to participate in the death of their preborn child, and hunger for reconciliation and healing.  An abortion healing program, can help wounded parents discover that the heart of healing is re-connecting in love with that rejected child, or children.  It is this re-humanization of their child that is essential to the healing process. 

Our tolerance of legalized abortion to resolve unplanned/unwanted pregnancy is like a radioactive substance planted deep within the heart of our nation. Over time, it seeps out to infect every institution in our society, darkening moral and spiritual vision. 

We see this evident in the case of government agencies, aligned with corporate greed, failing to take action against clear health care risks for mothers and preborn children, hidden behind words like Resolved Adverse Effect.

Dr. Alexander:

“The FDA had access to this data by April 1, 2021. The agency knew that a significant percentage of pregnancies ended in ‘Abortion Spontaneous,’ yet it seems to have failed in its duty to study the data and investigate what basis Pfizer had for marking the fetal deaths as unrelated to the vaccine and having ‘Other’ causes. And, certainly, the FDA failed to inform the public of this very serious adverse event. Without that information, women were not able to give informed consent for receiving Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine.”

In May 2022 Dr. Naomi Wolf shared disturbing data indicating an international rise in fetal and infant death.  Wolf reports at RamBam Hospital in Haifa, Israel, there were 34% more spontaneous abortions and stillbirths among women who received the MRNA injections.

The reaction of the Biden administration and the CDC?

 The typical response over the last few years when legitimate challenges were raised to the efficacy of lockdowns, mandatory injections, masks and other Covid policy:

Attack the messenger.  Use social media and corporate media to silence and slander.  Label information that challenges the government/pharmaceutical official narratives as “misinformation.” 

November Elections

The November elections are just weeks away.

Elect representatives that understand the value of preborn human life and will work to extend legal protections for children in the womb.

Elect representatives that will expose the merger of government and corporate power that has corrupted our private and public health care institutions.

Elect women and men that will work to reform those agencies and institutions so they are truly advocating for the public, and not well-paid sales reps for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf, August 15th, 2022:

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