Gosnell Coerced Pregnant Employee to Abort

Gosnell Coerced Pregnant Employee to Abort


At the Gosnell trial last week, employee Kareena Cross testified that Gosnell applied pressure on her to have an abortion if she wanted to keep working at his death center.  He made it clear that remaining pregnant, given the nature of the business would not make sense.  Cross who I recall in her testimony mentioning a previous abortion, fortunately resisted Gosnell’s pressure and did not abort.

Gosnell was actually revealing something accurate about his medical practice.  If we look behind his motives with his pregnant employee, we can fairly imagine Gosnell communicating:

  “This is a place where pregnancies end, where unborn babies die.  Wouldn’t your decision to parent your child place pressure on mothers coming to my center to reconsider their  ‘choice.’  I cant afford to have your pregnancy get in the way of  my lucrative practice.  It’s just business you understand, nothing personal.”

As I said in my previous post, you can’t do the work of an abortionist on a daily basis, and  not have it corrupt your mind, your heart and soul…it is impossible both from a psychological and a spiritual perspective.  Gosnell would have been all to happy to abort the baby of Kareena Cross for business purposes…as he used the threat of aborting her from her job to apply pressure.

I don’t think this is what the early champions of women’s rights had in mind (many who were anti abortion.)


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