Dr Alveda King Warns: Don’t be Deceived by the Spin!

Dr Alveda King Warns: Don’t be Deceived by the Spin!

My friend and colleague at Priests for Life Dr Alveda King has an important commentary at Newsmax:

But now that the media has been moved into covering the trial, some reporters
seem all too eager to comment and condemn the actions of abortionist Kermit
Gosnell — but not the system that created him.
Described as the growing mushy middle,” some people have even taken the quantum leap to blame pro-life activists for abortionists like Gosnell. They argue that the pro-life legislation to better regulate the abortion industry has somehow forced clinics to operate in an unsafe manner.
Don’t be deceived by this spin.        (Read the rest here )

Amen Alveda!  The pro abortion spin doctors will be working overtime to twist the Gosnell case to advance their cause.   I will be writing more about this in days ahead.  It is essential that those that work to protect the unborn and to bring healing to those who have lost children to abortion, understand the propaganda that will be coming from the pro abortion spin doctors…and be able to effectively respond to it.

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