As Terrible as it May Sound: White Indifference to Black Abortion Rates

As Terrible as it May Sound: White Indifference to Black Abortion Rates


Alveda’s Newsmax piece got me thinking of a an article we published on Alveda’s blog: As Terrible as it May Sound:  White Indifference to Black Abortion Rates     Here’s an excerpt:

…In The Chicago Tribune (April 25, 2011) Dennis Byrne uses a recent billboard controversy in Chicago as an urgent plea to move beyond the polarizing abortion rhetoric to take a closer look at abortion in the African American community.

What is the public response to the alarming abortion rate, especially in places like NYC? The response is often indifference… and silence…a response to Byrne’s Chicago Tribune article in the comments section is illuminative, because beneath this silence lie unspoken assumptions:

“Let them exercise their right to abortions.  As terrible as it may sound, imagine the crime rates and social services that would be required in addition to all we already provide, if abortions didn’t happen in the black community.”

For many Americans, (particularly among non blacks) abortion is seen as a “terrible” but necessary solution to managing the birth rate of a community where the Family is already on life support and city and state budgets for social services are pushed to the breaking point.

Missing The Post Abortion Connection

The tragic mistake here is the failure to see the high price that minority communities pay for their high abortion rate….

Read the rest Here over at Alveda’s blog.

My next post will tie this piece into Gosnell and the coming spin on the trial.


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