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Real Men Pray the Rosary

Friday, May 31st, 2013


Think the Rosary is for “old ladies and funerals”? Think again.

By David N. Calvillo, April 30, 2013

Real Men Pray the Rosary: A 33-Day Challenge


Auschwitz Survivor and “Canada’s Father of Abortion” Dies – Did the Victim Become the Perpetrator?

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Last Judgement

TORONTO, ON, May 29, 2013 ( – Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a militant atheist and abortionist who has been referred to as ‘Canada’s Father of Abortion,’ died… (may 29th) of a heart attack at the age of 90…He was incarcerated as a young man at a Nazi concentration camp for his Jewish ancestry. In 1950 Morgentaler immigrated to Canada and practiced medicine…By 1973, Morgentaler claimed to have performed over 5000 illegal abortions. (Rest of story Here)

How can a man who was singled out because of his Jewish ancestry for extermination, considered by the Nazi’s as subhuman vermin…how could someone victimized by this evil become Canada’s “Father of Abortion”  and now directly  responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn children?

Dr. Morgentaler came out of the brutality of his concentration camp experience with family members murdered by the Gestapo and embraced atheism.  His parents were socialists but it is unclear if they were also atheists.   Given the violence and evil of the Nazis, you can sympathize with a man who looked at his world and saw no evidence of God’s loving Providence.

We can see his zeal to spread contraception and abortion rights as integral to his socialist background…seeing this mistakenly as part of the empowerment of a class of people (women) denied the “rights” to make decisions about their reproductive lives.  In a world where evil and chaos were unleashed upon his family and his personal freedom, he finds as a “prophet” for contraception and abortion an opportunity to empower others victimized by unjust laws that attack their “freedom.”

But I think there is a deeper motivating factor that likely fed Dr. Morgentaler’s zeal.

As an abortionist, he not only in his mind “empowered women” but he also embraced a power that rightly only belongs to the Creator…Providence over the life and death of His creatures.  Dr Morgentaler, like the officials at the Nazi death camps who had complete power over the lives of their prisoners, now possessed the power to end the life of an unborn child.  The unborn child, like the Jewish victims of the Holocaust is deemed a non person with no rights…leading to horrific suffering and loss of life.

Was Dr Morgentaler in his zealous embrace of reproductive rights on a deeper level trying to master the trauma of his youth when his parents were killed and he imprisoned and nearly starved to death by the Nazis?  The Victim becomes the perpetrator.  One who feels abandoned by God…becomes a god-like doctor with the power to heal or to take away life if necessary to empower women with “choice.”

As Dr. Morgentaler encounters now the reality of the Creator and faces the merciful but awesome judgment of God, let us pray he accepts the saving blood of his Jewish brother and Lord, Jesus Christ and comes to repentance for his role in the death of so many unborn children, and the after abortion suffering of their mothers and fathers.

A Father Suffering After Abortion Lets Go of Fear and Pride

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Repentant Man

Rev. Scott Miller shares a powerful reflection on the struggle in one man’s heart and soul who suffered after his involvement in the abortion of his unborn daughter.  He reveals an intense struggle, that many of us share, to open up fully to God’s forgiveness because of fear and pride.    Rev. Miller reveals that ultimately it is an act of grace freely given out of love… that we learn to embrace in humility…this is the root of a deeper forgiveness and healing from the shame, guilt and pain after abortion. 

Here is Rev. Miller’s reflection:

I despised myself for what I did to my girlfriend in regards
to the abortion.   I also realized that I could not bring my atrocious act to
God because I was fearful of his judgment and condemnation. Instead I tried
to perform spiritually doing everything I could to be a good man. I realized
eventually that my fear of God’s punishment was working alongside my own
pride which said I could make myself good enough for God without His

Three degrees, pastoring a church, running a soup kitchen and
counseling alcoholics could not get rid of the guilt and shame that I
carried. Eventually I had to make myself vulnerable to God and admit what I
had done.

I was met by his blood being shed for me and I realized that my
fear coupled with my pride had hindered me from accepting his atonement for
my sin. When I received that (I had nowhere else to turn) I humbly and
brokenly accepted his forgiveness and a strange thing happened… it moved to
me forgiving myself because I realized I was forgiven by God. I was freed
from that despising of self and moved to a humble acceptance of God’s
righteousness which I could not earn on my own merit.
God bless all who are in need of His undeserved favor.

Dr. Scott Miller, M. Counseling, M. Divinity, D. Min. – Director – House of Esau Ministries

* Thanks Rev. Miller for having the courage to share your experience.   Rev. Miller has been a leader in education and programs for post abortion healing for women and men and a friend and colleague in Rachel’s Vineyard ministry for many years.

 Sometimes as men we want to be strong, be in control, handle things on our own terms.  That can be ok in other parts of our lives…and at times a real strength. 

 But when it comes to sin like abortion, wounds that touch the deeper areas of our heart and soul…we need to learn to let the Divine Physician take control.   This usually means finding an after abortion healing program where you will find the support and experienced staff, some who have experienced abortion themselves, to guide you through the recovery process.

If you were touched by Rev. Miller’s reflection, please take the next step and look at these resources for healing.  

Could Grizzlies Keyon Dooling Inspire Pro Athletes with Abortion Loss to Find Healing?

Friday, May 24th, 2013


“It was a very scary time, not only for me but for my wife and my children. The thought of not having it together for them was sickening for me. It was like hard to deal with. I was just so worried, so scared, praying that I would get it back.” Keyon Dooling – NBA Player with Memphis Grizzlies

Keyon shares in the Boston Globe about a very painful childhood history of physical, emotional and sexual abuse that had been repressed for many years.

Dooling achieved success at the highest level of his profession but now had to face the vulnerability, anxiety and fear that rushed upon him as this dark abyss opened up in his soul…revealing deeply painful and disturbing memories and emotions of childhood abuse.

What a challenge for any man, but perhaps more so for one who soared so high as an athlete to come crashing down into the pain and anguish of deeply repressed painful events from his past.  Reading the story I am struck how life saving were the colleagues that reached out to him after his nervous collapse such as Celtics Coach Doc Rivers.  God bless Coach Rivers for making sure Keyon was connected to the best healing resources and not left to fall into further dysfunction, isolation and perhaps abuse in the wrong treatment center.

As he continues to learn about his past and how to heal in the present, Keyon is discovering that as painful as this process is, he is growing as a man:

“I feel different emotions depending on what time of day it is,” Dooling said. “There’s a lot of hurt still right here, brother. I’m learning how to embrace the different feelings that we have. That means I’m growing as a man because I can feel emotions that I never felt before. And I can deal with them and I don’t have to run from them or feel insecure about them…”

The Sexual Abuse/Abortion Connection

Men with sexual/physicall abuse and neglect in their background can find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy.    I encountered a number of men on Rachel’s Vineyard healing programs who had a history of previous abuse and were involved in an abortion decision.

As they explored that abortion decision they shared a powerful sense that they abandoned their unborn child when they were vulnerable…just as they were hurt when vulnerable and defenseless  children.  These men felt they allowed their unborn child to be abused by the abortion procedure.

This was like ripping open the scab from their childhood abuse wound.   When combined with the normal complicated emotions men experience after abortion, it become an overwhelming force that led them to addiction, violence and even suicide attempts as they struggled to cope with the tidal waves of emotions.  Fortunately healing for these men on their Rachel’s Vineyard weekend provided the opportunity to  grieve the loss of their child to abortion and also to begin the recovery process with their own childhood wounds.

Even without previous abuse, men can have some powerful emotions after an abortion…and like Keyon long repressed memories and feelings about a previous abortion can be triggered years after the procedure…by a song, an event, an ultrasound image, the birth of a child, the death of a parent etc.

When I read Keyon’s story I was so grateful that he got the help he needed, thanks to the love and support of colleagues and family.

Men who have suffered abortion loss often suffer in isolation…we know that without healing the repressed pain hurts men, their health, relationships and work life.

Inspired by Keyon’s courage, please reach out to your friends, colleagues and family members who have at some time shared about an abortion loss and perhaps have abuse in their backgrounds.  We must especially reach out to those men who were powerless to stop an abortion, and are acutely aware of their loss…and in desperate need of immediate support and healing resources.

With sensitivity and respecting confidentiality, let them know you understand how difficult and scary it is to open up such painful memories and feelings…but acknowledge the high price paid by repressing this pain.  Encourage them that with the right kind of help, like Keyon they will grow as men…that finding a safe and effective way to deal with this pain will make them better fathers, husbands and colleagues in the workplace.

Perhaps someday soon with God’s grace we will be read about another pro athlete who has the courage and faith to share about the shame, grief and pain of his abortion loss, and the good news of recovery in the Lord.

Memphis Grizzlies Keyon Dooling – Courageous Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Keyon Dooling

By Gary Washburn |  Globe Staff   April 28, 2013

Sometimes the most subtle things can conjure up painful childhood memories.

Keyon Dooling, a 12-year NBA veteran, was the definition of polished and measured. Never leaving the house without being meticulously dressed, beard trimmed, hair cropped close, and the smile, always the smile.

It wasn’t that Dooling was camouflaging anything. His persona was natural and pure.

But an incident at a restaurant last summer in Seattle, an evening after Dooling helped former Celtics teammate Avery Bradley with his summer camp in Tacoma, Wash., brought back horrid, humiliating, and harrowing memories of childhood sexual abuse.

Read the Rest Here

Tennis Pro Jimmy Connors – The Outsider in His Own Abortion Story

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
You can comb your hair and look quite cute
You can hide your face behind a smile
One thing you can’t hide
Is when you’re crippled inside

-John Lennon

With the release of Tennis pro Jimmy Connors autobiography, The Outsider we learn of an unplanned pregnancy and abortion with fellow pro Chris Evert when they were young sweethearts engaged to be married.

With a superficial reading of the account from his book, you might conclude that Connors was a stand up guy when he learned of the pregnancy.  He appears open to the responsibility of fathering their child, and upset by his lack of say in the decision to abort:

“An issue had arisen as a result of youthful passion, and a decision had to be made as a couple,” he writes in The Outsider.  “Chrissie called to say she was coming out to LA to take care of the ‘issue’. I was perfectly happy to let nature take its course and accept responsibility for what was to come.”

But Connors says Chrissie made a unilateral decision and he was powerless to stop her. “Chrissie, however, had already made up her mind that the timing was bad and too much was riding on her future,” he writes. “She asked me to handle the details.”

The next exchange between the couple likely sealed the fate of their unborn child:

Connors says he told Chris: “Well, thanks for letting me know. Since I don’t have any say in the matter, I guess I am just here to help.”

And so it was.  The Outsider “handled the details” and arranged for the abortion of his unborn son or daughter.

Pro abortion advocates proclaim as some self-evident dictate delivered from on high that “abortion is a private personal decision between a woman, her health care provider and her god.”  It is true that current law ensures that the father of the child has no legal rights to defend the life of his unborn baby.  (This can be a very painful reality that will devastate a man when he desperately tries to prevent an abortion.)

But that doesn’t mean the father’s response to the pregnancy is not important.  Based on firsthand experience and research with thousands of women who made abortion decisions, the truth is that in 95% of these situations the response of the father to the pregnancy is a key factor in her decision to have or not have an abortion.

When Evert approached Connors with her mind seemingly made up, he made a serious and deadly mistake many fathers make during this challenging and emotional time for a young couple…he fails to fight for the life of his child.  This sends a clear signal to the mother who may hear in his response:

 “I am open to you having the baby, but I’m not going to fight too hard to protect the child and I may or may not be around to help…so if you’re minds made up anyway, I’ll respect whatever you decide.” 

There is no guarantee that Evert would have changed her mind if Connors was more determined to fight for the child’s life.  But it was the best hope their baby had for survival.  Once the father communicates ambivalence and does not strongly express the natural desire to protect his offspring, the mother may understandably fear making the sacrifices of single parenting unsure if the father will continue to love and support them both.  Women also understandably fear the resentment and anger a man may express later when facing the responsibilities and stress of an unplanned child.

“It was a horrible feeling, but I knew it was over,” Connors writes. “Getting married wasn’t going to be good for either of us.”

Rather than the joy of youthful love and passion and anticipation of married life together, the couple now shared a dark secret…a participation in the death of their unborn son or daughter.

Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they were offered the Apple of Choice, with the alluring promise to attain a type of Divine Providence over life and death, empowered and free to be Lords of their own lives.

Both tennis pros went on to stellar careers.  On the surface it may appear that they “made the right decision.”  But like many couples after abortion, the fruit of this tragic choice is evident as their lives unfold.

Connors, now 60, struggled with a gambling addiction and the infidelities that “came that close to ruining his marriage” to former Playboy model Patti McGuire.  Men, who later regret, reconcile and heal of a previous abortion decision report that along with addictions and infidelity, anger was a way they repressed and expressed their painful emotions such as guilt and complicated grief around that abortion event and their role in the child’s death.   Perhaps some of Connors on and off-court anger issues and fireworks can be understood as a way he expressed some of the powerful emotions men can feel after abortion.

Evert also exhibits common symptoms of post abortion complications…instability in intimate relationships. Chrissie, now 58 married three times. All three marriages ended in divorce.

Sadly if this couple were offered education and resources for recovery after abortion they could have attended a healing program and found reconciliation and peace with their loss and help alleviate the emotional suffering, and relationship problems common for many women and men after abortion.

Abortion is a life changing, and soul-changing event that strikes at the deepest part of the human person.   The abortion account of Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert reflects on a much grander stage, what has been the experience of millions of young couples.  They valiantly press on with their lives, perhaps like Connors and Evert achieving great success as they struggle to bury that abortion event deep in their past.

But the symptoms of their post abortion lives if properly understood, are calling them to reconcile and heal of this loss, buried deep in their hearts and souls.

You can wear a mask and paint your face
You can call yourself the human race
You can wear a collar and a tie
One thing you can’t hide
Is when you’re crippled inside
– John Lennon – Crippled Inside







Is Gosnell Really a Monster…or just an Abortionist?

Sunday, May 19th, 2013


(To those readers who have suffered abortion loss, please be warned that there  is graphic material in the following reflection.)

Now that the verdict and sentencing are completed in the Gosnell murder trial some jurors gathered outside the courthouse and spoke publicly for the first time. The foreman, David Misko, said it had been emotionally hard for the jurors, seven women and five men, to deal with the trial’s gruesome images and shocking testimony.

“It was emotionally tolling for everyone involved,” he said.

I wrote in a previous blog about “vicarious trauma” after spending a few days at the Gosnell trial and seeing and hearing the disturbing images and testimony.  How can any person sit through such horror for weeks on end and not be deeply impacted emotionally and spiritually by all they experienced?

Even jurors who described themselves as “pro choice” were changed by what they witnessed.

Sarah Glinski, 23, said that while she believed in a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion, “That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the sanctity of life.  It was hard for me to admit that this kind of evil exists in this world.”

Monster…or Abortionist?

The Philadelphia district attorney, R. Seth Williams, said the Gosnell case was probably the most gruesome he has ever dealt with as district attorney:

“I will not mince my words: Kermit Gosnell is a monster…any doctor who cuts into the necks, severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is a murderer and a monster.”

But is Kermit Gosnell a “monster?”  Or is Kermit Gosnell simply “an abortionist?”  The key legal distinction in attorney Williams remarks is the reference to “living breathing babies who would survive with proper medical attention.”

What about the millions of babies who are dismembered in the womb, ripped apart limb by limb and re assembled by the nurse or doctor after the procedure to make sure the abortionist removed all the parts of the baby?  These abortionists may not keep baby feet in jars like Gosnell, but they have plenty of baby arms, legs, feet hands etc. (medical waste as they call it) the ghastly by product of their “safe and legal” abortions.

These abortions may take place at an earlier stage of pregnancy, but the only difference is the size of the baby, and that once dismembered will be unable to breathe or survive outside its mother’s womb.

If Gosnell is a monster…he is more our self created abortion Frankenstein monster.  We made this monster when we legalized abortion with very few restrictions…we live with this evil every day we make peace with abortion.

Have the vast majority of Christian Churches made peace with the existence of legal abortion, rather than fighting it as one of the greatest evil in the history of mankind?  The democratic and the republican parties may in some cases favor restrictions on abortion…but when push comes to shove, they expect it will remain legal to abort unborn children up to 24 weeks of age.  Haven’t most of us grown to at least tolerate the existence of legally sanctioned abortion of unborn humans in our communities where we live, work, worship and raise our families?

So I would say to attorney Williams, Gosnell is no monster.  Gosnell like all abortionists is paid to terminate the lives of unborn children in their mother’s wombs…and as we learned, sometimes outside the womb as they struggle to survive.  The procedures are no less gruesome because the victims may be smaller and delivered in pieces.  In fact, depending on the age of the fetus, these may be horrifically more painful deaths.

The twisted corruption of the medical profession and our entire society manifest in Dr Gosnell, has touched all of us.  Over fifty million abortions have not only brought a massive loss of life, but have wounded the bodies, minds, hearts and souls of all who participate in the death of the unborn.   There is hope and healing for those impacted by this loss and hunger for peace and healing.

Look in the mirror America, the monster is not Gosnell, or even some evil dictator or terrorist across the ocean we feel called to spend trillions to slay and bring to justice.

The monster we see in Gosnell is a tiny reflection of the greater corruption of our national soul that began on January 22, 1973.

Please God let us end abortion, and bring reconciliation and healing to all who have participated in the death of unborn children.
















Abortion Has No Benefits, But Does Have Risks, New Research Shows

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013


Posted on May 7, 2013 by EI

(Springfield, IL – May 7, 2013) – A meta-analysis combining the results of 8 studies of women facing unwanted pregnancies, published in the April 2013 issue of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, has concluded that “there is no available evidence to suggest that abortion has therapeutic effects in reducing the mental health risks of unwanted or unintended pregnancy.” Read on


African-American Clergy Call for Abortion Investigations

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013


Dr Alveda King, Day Gardner Join other African-American Religious Leaders calling for abortion investigations, chastise NAACP, CBC for ignoring life issue

Posted By Caroline May On 2:52 PM  05/14/2013 In US | No Comments

WASHINGTON — More than two dozen African-American religious leaders and pro-lifers from across the country gathered here Tuesday to call on lawmakers to investigate the abortion industry and a reveal what they say is the mass murder of unborn black babies in poor minority communities.

Read Article:


The Gosnell Verdict: Let God’s Healing Shine Brightly on All Victims

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013


Now that Dr Gosnell has been convicted of his crimes, and justice has been served for some of his victims, we need to remember the other victims of his abortion business…the desperate mothers who had later term abortions at his “Medical Center.”

These poor women are still living out the horror of those  later term abortions years after the event with the flash backs, anxiety, depression, and addictions that are common after  such traumatic abortions, especially as performed by Gosnell and his associates.  While they must face the legal and moral responsiblity for their actions, we also must reach out to those Medical Center employees who participated in the death of these children, directly or indirectly.

We must continue with God’s help to expose the darkness that is abortion…and at the same time, let the light of God’s healing shine brightly on all suffering from this infamous House of Horrors:

Gosnells Other Victims-Mothers Traumatized at His Medical Center