The Gosnell Verdict: Let God’s Healing Shine Brightly on All Victims


Now that Dr Gosnell has been convicted of his crimes, and justice has been served for some of his victims, we need to remember the other victims of his abortion business…the desperate mothers who had later term abortions at his “Medical Center.”

These poor women are still living out the horror of those  later term abortions years after the event with the flash backs, anxiety, depression, and addictions that are common after  such traumatic abortions, especially as performed by Gosnell and his associates.  While they must face the legal and moral responsiblity for their actions, we also must reach out to those Medical Center employees who participated in the death of these children, directly or indirectly.

We must continue with God’s help to expose the darkness that is abortion…and at the same time, let the light of God’s healing shine brightly on all suffering from this infamous House of Horrors:

Gosnells Other Victims-Mothers Traumatized at His Medical Center

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