Auschwitz Survivor and “Canada’s Father of Abortion” Dies – Did the Victim Become the Perpetrator?

Auschwitz Survivor and “Canada’s Father of Abortion” Dies – Did the Victim Become the Perpetrator?

Last Judgement

TORONTO, ON, May 29, 2013 ( – Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a militant atheist and abortionist who has been referred to as ‘Canada’s Father of Abortion,’ died… (may 29th) of a heart attack at the age of 90…He was incarcerated as a young man at a Nazi concentration camp for his Jewish ancestry. In 1950 Morgentaler immigrated to Canada and practiced medicine…By 1973, Morgentaler claimed to have performed over 5000 illegal abortions. (Rest of story Here)

How can a man who was singled out because of his Jewish ancestry for extermination, considered by the Nazi’s as subhuman vermin…how could someone victimized by this evil become Canada’s “Father of Abortion”  and now directly  responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn children?

Dr. Morgentaler came out of the brutality of his concentration camp experience with family members murdered by the Gestapo and embraced atheism.  His parents were socialists but it is unclear if they were also atheists.   Given the violence and evil of the Nazis, you can sympathize with a man who looked at his world and saw no evidence of God’s loving Providence.

We can see his zeal to spread contraception and abortion rights as integral to his socialist background…seeing this mistakenly as part of the empowerment of a class of people (women) denied the “rights” to make decisions about their reproductive lives.  In a world where evil and chaos were unleashed upon his family and his personal freedom, he finds as a “prophet” for contraception and abortion an opportunity to empower others victimized by unjust laws that attack their “freedom.”

But I think there is a deeper motivating factor that likely fed Dr. Morgentaler’s zeal.

As an abortionist, he not only in his mind “empowered women” but he also embraced a power that rightly only belongs to the Creator…Providence over the life and death of His creatures.  Dr Morgentaler, like the officials at the Nazi death camps who had complete power over the lives of their prisoners, now possessed the power to end the life of an unborn child.  The unborn child, like the Jewish victims of the Holocaust is deemed a non person with no rights…leading to horrific suffering and loss of life.

Was Dr Morgentaler in his zealous embrace of reproductive rights on a deeper level trying to master the trauma of his youth when his parents were killed and he imprisoned and nearly starved to death by the Nazis?  The Victim becomes the perpetrator.  One who feels abandoned by God…becomes a god-like doctor with the power to heal or to take away life if necessary to empower women with “choice.”

As Dr. Morgentaler encounters now the reality of the Creator and faces the merciful but awesome judgment of God, let us pray he accepts the saving blood of his Jewish brother and Lord, Jesus Christ and comes to repentance for his role in the death of so many unborn children, and the after abortion suffering of their mothers and fathers.

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