Rapper’s Heartbreaking Video on Regretting Abortion Has 6+million views


An article by Christina Martin from LifeSiteNews touches on a rap song with over 6 million views that reveals the pain and regret of a father after abortion. 

Tue Jun 25 11:04 AM EST

Jun3 25, 2013 (LiveActionNews.org) – Flypside is a band that’s birthed out of Oakland, California. Featuring Piper (MC), Steve Knight (vocals, acoustic guitar), and Dave Lopez (lead guitar)…Another single from their debut album called “Happy Birthday” became a top-3 hit in Germany….What causes this song to continually draw in viewers?

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Have you noticed a slow but encouraging increase in articles/media/music that  touches on what has for a long time been a silent pain?  I was very grateful for  the author sharing a link to the Silent No More Awareness Fatherhood Forever page as we work together to raise awareness, share resources for healing, provide a place where men can share their abortion regret and after a healing program to join other men in speaking publicly about their abortion regret.

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