One Night I Was Kneeling In There, Looking Up At The Cross, and The Whole Place Became Gold

One Night I Was Kneeling In There, Looking Up At The Cross, and The Whole Place Became Gold

Golden Chapel

This is a follow up to my story on NFL player Brandon Marshall and his courageous public testimony and outreach to those suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).    Marshall talks about the importance of Dialectical Behavior Therapy developed by psychologist Marsha Linehan:

“Marsha Linehan, who’s in Seattle, is one of the most profound faces of BPD, because she developed Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which is the best group therapy out there”….Dr. Linehan was the subject of a New York Times profile around the same time that Marshall was diagnosed. The 68-year-old expert on suicidal impulses and other symptoms of severe depression battled her own symptoms throughout most of her life.   (Yahoo Sports)

Take a moment and read her amazing story.  Note the pivotal and life changing religious experience she had before a chapel crucifix and how this influenced the development of her treatment model DBT.    It is hard to understand such innocent suffering…yet God’s grace moved so powerfully in this woman’s life.

Forbidden Grief by Theresa Burke, Ph.D., reveals that some women diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder have abortions in their history.   Abortion healing programs like Rachel’s Vineyard can be an important and complementary part of any treatment approach for BPD.  Sadly, given the pro abortion ideology of many in the mental health community, these voices are often silenced.  Let’s hope that as more women and men speak out about their abortion loss, this will change.


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