Cosmo Allows a Bit of Loyal Opposition on The Birth Control Pill

Cosmo Allows a Bit of Loyal Opposition on The Birth Control Pill


Enlightening article on the Pill from a very pro contraception, pro abortion rights perspective…no surprise as it was published in Cosmopolitan.

Still this is good news.  The fact that Cosmopolitan would publish an article that at least questioned the wisdom of the widespread use of oral contraception with women beginning in their teenage years…is progress.  This is surely not a trusted source for the most accurate medical, let alone moral guidance for women.  But at least they are allowing a bit of loyal opposition…and the article has a revealing surprise ending.

The author Virginia Sole-Smith began taking the pill at age 14 cheered on by her feminist mother.

I’d been missing several days of school every month since my period had started two years earlier, bringing with it vomiting, mind-numbing cramps, and the kind of heavy bleeding that ruins white jeans and fragile middle-school egos…My cramps and nausea eased within a few cycles… Taking the Pill made me feel in control of my body and my choices. It was everything feminists had fought for, all wrapped up in a purple plastic packet.

The years of suppressing her menstrual cycle came with a cost:

At 28, bedeviled by side effects such as sore breasts, loss of libido, and migraines, I took my doctor’s suggestion that I stop taking the pill….While my sex drive did bounce back, the intense cramping and bleeding returned too. I developed an ovarian cyst that ruptured, producing a stabbing sensation that made regular cramps feel like warm hugs. In 2012, a month after my thirty-first birthday, I had surgery to diagnose and remove endometriosis.

Taking the Pill since age 14 had masked her endometriosis:

To Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, prescribing the Pill for debilitating menstrual conditions, such as the endometriosis I suffered from, only masks the problem. “It’s like a mechanic putting a piece of duct tape over the indicator light on your dashboard and claiming he’s fixed your car,” she says.

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi is a surgeon and co-director of the breast care program at The Steeplechase Cancer Center in Somerville New Jersey.  Dr. Lanfranchi and other professionals have been warning for years about the health risks for the over 150 million women worldwide using the Pill.

Cosmo permitted this very guarded look at the Pill, with the necessary homage to their sacred cows of contraception and abortion rights. But don’t look for an honest assessment of the long term effects of abortion on women.   Only women that espouse the great benefits of choice will grace the pages of Cosmo; women who come to regret their choice, will not find a place in the Cosmo sisterhood.  Maybe that will change as more women experience healing and find a voice.

The article has a surprise ending…look what cured what the Pill and surgery could not:

… I’m still on hiatus from the Pill, for an unexpectedly cheerful reason: Despite my endometriosis, I got pregnant last year, and my pregnancy and, now, breast-feeding appear to be doing what neither surgery nor the Pill could—my cysts and lesions have disappeared, as has my chronic pain. If the disease doesn’t recur, I’d like to stay away from synthetic hormones, especially since I get the occasional aura migraine, which means I have a higher risk for blood clots and stroke…


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