Dante’s Ascent to Paradise…Begins with a Descent Into Humility and the Wounds of Deepest Loss


[From Rod Dreher below- Very good and essential reading for November  as we come to the end of  the Church year and focus in a special way to remember our beloved dead and pray for their souls.   It is so important in our hyper busy lives, immersed in the ever present now of technology,  entertainment, media etc. to take a moment to focus on essential things…such as where our souls will spend eternity (which is really long btw!) ]


“I climb from here no longer to be blind.” — Dante, Purgatorio XXVI

I stayed up late last night to finish Dante’s Purgatorio, and what a moving finish it was. The poet completed his ascent of the Mount of Purgatory, where Beatrice awaited him in the Garden of Eden in the climactic scenes. I was not prepared for how emotional I became, having gone so far with Dante, out of the selva oscura, through the Inferno, and up the mountain, and now, finally, to meet his true love, the one whose prayers summoned him away from his lostness to sin and back to God.

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