Police Charge Man With Aggravated Assault on Unborn Child: Isn’t That What We Pay Abortionists to Do?

Police Charge Man With Aggravated Assault on Unborn Child: Isn’t That What We Pay Abortionists to Do?

 Domestic Violence

Franklin PA Police charged a man December 30th  with aggravated assault on an unborn child.

Isn’t that what abortionist do?  But that is legal, right?

Here is the article  on Kelton McClarrin who  is facing criminal charges for an assault on his partner and their unborn child.

This story shines a bright light on the confused hypocrisy that permeates our relationship with unborn human life.

The majority of men do not descend to this level of violence and abuse that McClarrin will be charged with.  However think about this – when men face an unplanned pregnancy they may tell the mother:

Its your decision, I support whatever you decide” or

I don’t want a baby right now, we’re not ready to be parents“…or they just flat out abandon the mom.

Men, when we see abortion as a solution to an unplanned pregnancy, aren’t we just paying the abortionist to do what Kelton McClarrin will go to jail for…aggravated assault?    I’m not saying there is always a clear awareness of the moral gravity of these actions.   But really, is there any difference?  [If you are feeling a sense of guilt and shame about your involvement in an abortion(s), don’t deny this pain or be tempted to despair.  There is hope and healing…learn more here.]

The relationship and circumstances of McClarrin and his partner are no doubt complex and dysfunctional.  It is likely that one or both partners come from families and environments that contributed to the instability and violence in their relationship.  However given all those factors…is it ever acceptable for this man to use violence against his partner and their unborn child as a way to resolve his situation, as complex and volatile as it is?

We would never as a society sanction such abuse and violence as a solution to a complex relational problem.  We would not legalize the strong and powerful abusing the weak and defenseless.

McClarrin was wrong to use his power and strength to control and abuse his partner and threaten his unborn child with death.  It is just as wrong, and cowardly to pay an abortionist to do the same thing.

It is important to clarify that many men clearly understand their vocation as father and protector when facing an unplanned pregnancy and their partner sees abortion as the only solution.    Despite their  best efforts, in the end they  will find that the law leaves them powerless to protect their child from the abortionist’s knife.

Without support and help, these men are likely to have issues with insomnia, anxiety, depression and perhaps drug abuse to escape the pain.  They may have suicidal feelings and thoughts and anger management issues.   There are natural temptations in their justifiable anger and grief to lash out in violence toward those responsible for their tragic loss.   If you or someone you love has experienced this type of abortion loss, please get them help  as soon as possible.

Even in these tragic abortion cases, violence toward abortionists, their staff or facilities can never be part of our battle to end abortion….just as violence and coercion are unacceptable ways to resolve an unplanned pregnancy.

See you at the March for Life.

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