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Teens 10 times More Likely to Attempt Suicide After Abortion

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014


A very important article from Live Action news features Fr Frank Pavone on abortion and suicide. Fr Frank’s comments were offered in relation to the recent commemoration of World Suicide Day:

…Reports say that the risk of death from suicide within a year after an abortion is more than seven times higher than the risk of suicide within a year after childbirth.

Author Lauren Enriquez, mentions that youth are the most vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and actions after abortion. We think we are saving young people from the challenges of single parenting by making abortion accessible to them in our communities.  But the physiological and psychological changes of adolescence puts them at higher risk of not being able to process the complex and powerful emotions unleashed by participating in the death of their unborn child.  In addition, they often feel powerless when encouraged or at times pressured and coerced by boyfriends, parents, counselors and others to see abortion as the only solution to their unplanned pregnancy.

In addition to being the most visible pro life priest in the world with Priests for Life, Fr Frank also serves as the Pastoral Director of Rachel’s Vineyard.  He has first-hand knowledge and has personally encountered many women and men who struggled with suicidal and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors after their abortion loss, putting a human face on the statistics mentioned in this article.

Here is the full article with some important statistics on suicide and abortion


Emotional Castration: Telegraph Story Reveals Man’s Abortion Trauma

Friday, September 12th, 2014


Car Wreck

From the September 12, 2014 edition of the Telegraph comes a clear and compelling presentation on the experience of a man facing an unplanned pregnancy who is trying to prevent the child’s abortion.   It speaks volumes about the rights of men in “legal” abortions and the trauma men can experience.  Please read and share.

Tony Perry writes:

Following the recent UK release of Obvious Child, the Daily Mail columnist Bel Mooney yesterday shared her personal experience with abortion and declared that her decision to terminate her unborn child was “no big deal”.

However, for many, abortion is a big deal that can leave regrets long after that choice is made.  It is also a choice that has an impact of men an as well as women, even though the media rarely presented the experience of abortion from a male point of view.  Perhaps the general assumption is that abortion doesn’t really affect men. 

Perhaps I would have shared that assumption had I not lived through it myself.

Read the rest here.