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The Prodigal Father: David and His Son Daniel Grieve the Impact of Abortion on their Family

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017


Many years after the Roe V Wade decision legalized abortion in the U.S., a young man named Daniel Rosa stood at the steps of the Supreme Court and shared how abortion has impacted his family.

Daniel’s shared his grief at the loss of a sibling to abortion. His story reveals the truth of how the Abortion Shockwaves touch not only the mother, but also the father and siblings of an aborted child.

The Sins of the Father

Daniel’s public testimony is directly linked to his father’s journey of abortion loss and healing.

Daniel’s father, David Rosa shares that at a time of darkness and weakness in his life, he made decisions that hurt his marriage and family and took the life of his unborn child, conceived in an adulterous affair.

After attending a Rachel’s Vineyard weekend and a period of careful discernment, David shared his abortion story with his son Daniel. Within David’s story is an important message not only for his son, but for all men to hear.

If you fall, being a real man means having the courage and humility to honestly face your failings and the ways your selfishness, blindness and sin have injured others. (For some men, these behaviors may flow from past abuse and unacknowledged loss.) With God’s grace, and with the help of others you can find healing and peace for yourself and your family.

Daniel’s testimony reveals that even after he learns of his father’s failings, while grieved for the pain this caused his parents and family, and the loss of his sibling, he came away with an even deeper respect and love for his dad.

The Harvest is Plentiful

Consider how many fathers have engaged in affairs and coerce their partner’s abortions to cover up their sinful secrets and lies. Without healing they will continue to act out this sin and emotional pain in their lives and relationships, often falling into chemical and sexual addiction to repress and deny this pain.

The first step is to find compassionate support, reconciliation and healing in an abortion recovery program. The Men and Abortion Network can also help you find free one on one counseling and mentor support.

Abortion recovery opens the door to a supportive network of clergy/ministers, counselors and fellow Christians who understand the post abortion journey.

This support is essential as you begin the healing process for yourself and your family.


The Abortion Pill: The Psychological Experience of Labor and Delivery in the Home

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Abortion Pill 2

by Kevin Burke, LSW

Counselor Cullen Herout has an important article on home based chemical abortions in Crisis Magazine.

Cullen shares that in March 2016 the FDA approved the use of the abortion pill Mifespristone for women up to 10 weeks pregnant.  Close to 25 percent of abortions in the United States are chemical abortions and this number will likely continue to rise.

Like Cullen, I also serve as a counselor on Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats for women and men suffering after abortion.   Couples often rationalize that the abortion pill merely initiates an early miscarriage.  They are tempted to see the pills as an easier solution than a medical procedure at the abortion center.  However the actual experience of the abortion pill can be a shocking and traumatic event.

On a recent Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, a couple shared their traumatic chemical abortion story. The mother was 6 weeks pregnant and after an extended period of severe cramping the child was delivered in their bathroom.  The father had to fish the tiny child out of the toilet.

The father buried the child in their back yard.  He frequently visited the “grave site” as he struggled to process the grief and trauma of that event.  They found significant emotional and spiritual healing of that experience on their Rachel’s Vineyard weekend, but they remain wounded by that abortion individually, and as a couple.

What are the possible psychological and physical trauma associated with chemical abortion in the home?

What happens to couples when their home becomes the abortion center and procedure room?

Please read Cullen’s article to learn more.

We need to increase our efforts to educate the public about the reality of chemical abortion. Women and their partners need to understand the psychological risks of at-home abortions and the likely individual and relational impact of labor and delivery of early pregnancies in the home.