Hey U2 and Bono! Meet Two Icons of Rock that Would Never Have Been Born if Abortion Was Legal 1940 in the United Kingdom


On Tuesday, Internationally acclaimed Irish rock band U2 tweeted in support of relaxing Ireland’s  strict abortion laws.

It’s ironic that rock stars and entertainers often promote abortion as a progressive social justice cause.

What U2 and their lead singer Bono fail to understand, is how many rock legends were conceived in very challenging circumstances, and would likely have died in the womb  if conceived today.

In my article from The Stream, I look at 2 iconic rock stars that were thankfully conceived and born before abortion was legal in the United Kingdom:

 Imagine for a moment. It’s 1940. We’re in Great Britain. Tweak just one detail of history. Pretend that abortion is already legal.

We’re in a historical port town on the northwest shores of England. A woman named Julia discovers she is pregnant. The father, a merchant seaman named Alfred, abandons her during the pregnancy.

Julia is a creative and free-spirited woman. She’s unprepared for the responsibilities of motherhood. Alfred prefers to spend much of his life on the open seas. He is unwilling to support a family or parent his child.

In July 1940, in Julia’s sixth month of pregnancy, German bombers began their reign of terror. They attack the civilian population and strategic port cities of Great Britain.

Imagine if Britain had Planned Parenthood or Marie Stopes facilities that performed legal abortion procedures in 1940. And Julia came to one of their centers. What would the staff most likely have recommended?

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