Lent Is the Perfect Time to Reconcile this Dark and Hidden Wound from your Past

Lent Is the Perfect Time to Reconcile this Dark and Hidden Wound from your Past

By Kevin Burke, LSW

If you received ashes on the forehead to begin your Lenten journey, you may have heard the priest or deacon proclaim the words of Jesus, “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.”

This is good news indeed for women and men who have lost children to abortion, and for those friends, family members and others who were intimately associated with the abortion decision and procedure.

The season of Lent’s emphasis on repentance and reconciliation with God, are intimately connected to two powerful spiritual themes that are at the heart of abortion healing:

  • Abortion violates a fundamental aspect of the relationship with our God and Creator; Providence over life.  Whether we felt relief, or were traumatized by the abortion experience, with every abortion decision we injure our communion with God.  Women and men are often keenly aware of this spiritual injury in the aftermath of the procedure.  
  • Emotional survival after abortion often initiates a denial and repression of the emotional and biological truth of what has been lost; a relationship that has been damaged when the natural love of a mother, father, grandparent has been aborted along with the little boy or girl in the womb:

“…Every time I look at my children I have now, I think about that little face I never saw and the child I have never known.” –  Aimee

Abortion healing programs for women and men like Rachel’s Vineyard, SaveOne, Entering Canaan, Forgiven and Set Free, and men’s groups like Project Joseph and A Son’s Journey offer a safe and effective process to work through the damage caused by abortion. 

The abortion healing process is often a life-changing experience for many participants as they have an intimate encounter with the God of forgiveness and new life.  As they progress in the healing journey, parents also reconcile with their precious children.   

So don’t delay.  If your heart and soul have been stirred, take the next step and find abortion healing programs to participate in this Lent.  Go to www.abortionforgiveness.org for a zip code generated search engine of healing programs in your area. 

May this Lent be a life-changing journey with Jesus as you travel with Him through the darkness of sin and death, into the glorious light of Resurrection.

[Keep in mind programs like Rachel’s Vineyard welcome mothers, fathers, grandparents and friends and family who were intimately connected in some way with an abortion decision and procedure.]

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news…to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed…”  – Luke, 4:18

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