Media Elites Justify Riots… Yet Rioting Hurts those Communities Most Impacted by Poverty and Racism

Media Elites Justify Riots… Yet Rioting Hurts those Communities Most Impacted by Poverty and Racism


Violence, looting, rage and destruction have spread like a malignant virus across our nation.   Many in the liberal media excuse this mayhem as a necessary release of pain and righteous rage from the tragic death of George Floyd.   

Check this out from Nikole Hannah-Jones, a reporter for The New York Times:

Those poor minority communities that are most vulnerable to the longstanding impact of rioting, and the good men and women trying to raise families and better their lives, have a far different moral perspective about rioting than Nikole Hannah-Jones of the New York Times.

Chicago Pastor Rev. Corey Brooks shares in this must-read piece, that riots hurts those communities most impacted by poverty and racism.   

Rev. Brooks:

On the south side of Chicago, where I pastor a church and lead a ministry, Project H.O.O.D., we are in the business of building dialogue as the way of rebuilding our community. We help build community leaders and we equip our neighbors—especially young black men who are exiting gangs—to build their own character and to help rebuild the streets. We build self-esteem and respect for our fellow man. And we build stronger families with firmer foundations…

Where despair once reigned, we have replaced it with hope and opportunity.

The riots of this past week, however, have set us back in our ministry work and have done incalculable damage to our community. The physical damage to property pales in comparison to the damage done to our morale.

Read the rest.

November is Now

Come November we are going to have two very different visions for our nation’s future.  Recent events have put this into a laser like focus. 

For those who understand that the right to life is the foundation of all human rights, this election could not be more important. 

  Get registered.  Vote in your primaries. Make sure your relatives, friends and church community are registered to vote and understand the importance of the November elections. Learn more about your local and national candidates and their position on key issues here.


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