Is there Something Else Feeding the Public Confession of Liberal White Guilt?

Is there Something Else Feeding the Public Confession of Liberal White Guilt?


Robert W. Merry writes in American Conservative:

…white people…are guilty, it is said with increasing aggressiveness, for the sins of their forebears, for the racism of the past.

Merry reveals that at the heart of this movement, there is a very powerful pseudo-religious dynamic at work:

…And [white people] must confess their guilt and seek absolution through self-abasement. 

… A young white woman on the street during the New York protests is approached by a man who identifies himself as working for Black Lives Matter…“my CEO has told me to come out today and bring you on your knees because you have white privilege…”

She slowly, without saying anything, gets down on her knees on the sidewalk.   (Read the rest here.)

Cincinatti Reds star Joey Votto has been doing some soul searching and concluded:

“…privilege has made me complicit in the death of George Floyd, as well as the many other injustices that blacks experience in the U.S.

Why would some liberal white protestors, activists, politicians, entertainers and athletes be suddenly feeling a strong urge to publicly confess their complicity in racism?   Some go so far as to interpret a white persons silence on social media about racism, or failure to join their cause, as violence.

Becoming aware of the injustice and discrimination suffered by others is obviously a good thing if it leads to peaceful protest, dialogue, and over time, solutions that bring justice and reconciliation. 

However I wonder if there might be other factors feeding this expression of white guilt and as Merry writes, “self-abasement,” among liberals and others now awakening to a sense of white privilege.

Secret Loss

For the last 20 years I have been blessed to work in healing ministry with women and men who at some time in their lives are searching for greater understanding, healing and peace from a past abortion loss.   Often they reach out many years after the procedure.

I learned from listening to their stories that some of these women and men channeled their highly charged emotional energy from the abortion event (or multiple abortions) into an intense connection to, and involvement in a cause or movement. 

For some it was defending defenseless animals from cruelty and abuse; for others an intensive concern for the environment and a desire “to save the planet.”

But there are some who divert any abortion related grief and pain, and validate their own abortion decision, by empowering others to make the same choice as they did.  This group played an integral role in the legalization and promotion of abortion in our nation.

Real Repentance and Healing

We are a nation that has experienced over 60 million abortions.

For each abortion there is a father and mother who participated in the death of their child in the womb.  But in many cases friends, family, counselors, medical professionals, and politicians are complicit in varying degrees in so many abortion decisions.

 Is it possible that because we so aggressively deny and distance ourselves from the emotional and spiritual fallout after abortion that it surfaces in unexpected ways?

Is the woman kneeling before a Black Lives Matter worker, connect to a deeper need in some of us for a spiritual confession of past sin; sinful lifestyles, behaviors, actions that are rationalized, denied or repressed in our enlightened age?

 Is there a hunger in our nation for an authentic repentance and healing of sins like abortion that so many deny, dismiss and repress?


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