Twitter Bolsheviks and Diversity Commissars: An Émigré from the former Soviet Union Has a Warning for the United States

Twitter Bolsheviks and Diversity Commissars: An Émigré from the former Soviet Union Has a Warning for the United States


By Kevin Burke, LSW

Izabella Tabarovsky is an historian and émigré from the former Soviet Union.  She has much wisdom to share with us in this pivotal moment in our nation’s history.

Tabarovsky writes in the Tablet about the culture of collective denunciation, a tool used by the communist to control their population.  She tells the story of how Nobel Prize winning author Boris Pasternak and others were punished for deviation from communist party purity:

“Some of the greatest names in Soviet culture became targets of collective condemnations…Bouts of hounding could go on for months and years, destroying people’s lives, health and, undoubtedly, ability to create.”

But the practice wasn’t reserved just for the famous.

“Factories, universities, schools, and research institutes were all suitable venues for collectively raking over the coals a hapless, ideologically ungrounded colleague.”

The Unites States, weakened and vulnerable from the Coronavirus, is under attack by radicals armed with tactics very similar to those used by the Soviet Union to police thought and control their population. 

Mob violence is just one tool of these radicals.  We saw their rage unleashed recently on our cities, business owners and citizens. 

But there is another form of violence that in the long run is far more damaging to our souls, psyche, social fabric and national heritage. 

It is the policing of thought; setting the boundaries of what can and cannot be discussed.  The Twitter Bolsheviks use shaming, lying, bullying, economic blackmail, and threats of violence, especially on social media platforms, to control the narrative and enforce conformity to certain political and social agendas. 

This deadly virus, nurtured for years on our college campuses, is spreading quickly in newsrooms, schools and corporate offices across our nation.

Tabarovsky shares an example from the NY Times after they published an op-ed piece by Senator Tom Cotton:

“On June 3, The New York Times published an opinion piece that much of its progressive staff found offensive and dangerous. (The author, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, had called to send in the military to curb the violence and looting that accompanied the nationwide protests against the killing of George Floyd.) The targets of their unanimous condemnation, which was gleefully joined by the Twitter proletariat, which took pleasure in helping the once-august newspaper shred itself to pieces in public, were New York Times’ opinion section editor James Bennet…”

The cowardly NY Times later forced Bennet out of his job and he resigned.  The public shaming, humiliation and job loss doesn’t end there.  Bennet may be talented and connected enough to find another position.

 But countless regular folks in business, education, media and entertainment settings are blacklisted after violating ideological purity in areas such as race, sex, gender, religion and abortion.  As part of the ongoing punishment and shaming they will struggle to find work in their field.


“All of us who came out of the Soviet system bear scars of the practice of unanimous condemnation, whether we ourselves had been targets or participants in it or not. It is partly why Soviet immigrants are often so averse to any expressions of collectivism: We have seen its ugliest expressions in our own lives and our friends’ and families’ lives.” (Read the rest here.)

November is Now!

As we move quickly toward our next election day in November, you may want to consider:

  • Will your candidate place women and men in key positions in their administration that will expand the reach of the federal government to enforce the agenda of the radical left in areas like gender, sex, race and especially, abortion?
  • Will your candidate be radically pro-abortion, up to birth, and for infants born alive, after birth?
  • Will your candidate help us take back our nation from those that hate it and want to separate us from our religious freedoms and our shared national heritage? 

November is now.  Get involved.  Learn moreVolunteer.

There is work to do on many fronts to help our nation recover, reform where needed, and once again take pride in and celebrate our great constitutional republic.

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