Joe Biden Says He Will Tear Out “Systemic Racism” by the Roots: Beware of the Return of Mao’s Red Guard

Joe Biden Says He Will Tear Out “Systemic Racism” by the Roots: Beware of the Return of Mao’s Red Guard


By Kevin Burke, LSW

From Rod Dreher:

In his Fourth of July address via Twitter, Joe Biden said that we can tear “systemic racism” out by the roots.

According to the new progressive dogma, “systemic racism” is what you have when a system, even if it appears to be race-neutral, results in outcomes that disadvantage non-white people. That is, even if you cannot identify a specific cause of racism, a system should be understood as racist if black people do not thrive in it. …Fix the structures of society, and you will eliminate racism.

This is Marxism 101, you know. This eliminates individual responsibility, and reduces complex human beings down to the color of their skin. Taken to the extreme, you get the Red Terror: adjudicating people’s guilt or innocence based on their class (race, or other demographic distinction).  (Read rest here.)

State Department veteran Peter Van Buren writes about the youth led Red Guard unleashed upon the Chinese people to enforce the communist party orthodoxy of Chairman Mao. Van Buren warns of the parallels with today’s radicals in his article, Remember the Red Guards Before You Cheer the Woke Mobs:

I’m ambivalent about statues and J.K. Rowling being torn down, but terrified of the thought process behind the destruction. Decisions should never be made by mobs. 

Is America on the edge of a cultural revolution?

The historical namesake and obvious parallel is the Cultural Revolution in China, which lasted from 1966 to 1976…To set the mobs on somebody, one needed only to tie him to an official blacklist like the Four Olds (old customs, culture, habits, and ideas). China’s young people and urban workers formed Red Guard units to go after whomever was outed. Violence? Yes, please.

…The Cultural Revolution destroyed China’s economy and traditional culture, leaving behind a possible death toll ranging from one to 20 million. Nobody really knows. It was a war on the way people think. And it failed. (Full article here.)

Do you think Joe Biden will be strong enough to hold back the more radical elements of the Democratic Party that want to further empower the agenda of Marxist groups like Black Lives Matters?  

Have you been struck lately at how rapidly things are changing?  Formerly rational and decent people are now spouting the ideology of woke racial consciousness and confessing their “white privilege”

“White privilege” is part of the new lexicon of race ideology developed by left wing academics like Robin D’Angelo. D’Angelo charges $12,000 to lecture about how racist all white people are – by the very fact of being born white.  

Sound racist?  It is. 


White liberal academics can earn more in a day lecturing about their own “white privilege” than the median black household makes in three months…

Does this privilege extend to those working class communities trying to recover from the loss of manufacturing jobs overseas and neighborhoods reeling from unemployment and opioids? 

Or how about those families struggling to make ends meet with two working parents, rising health care costs, and a global pandemic to contend with?  We know families of all colors and backgrounds are struggling right now. We are reeling as a nation from the coronavirus and social unrest. But many liberals and radical leftists respond with Marxist race hatred and attacks up on our nation and its heritage.

Joe Biden will not be able to control the forces of the radical left once he rewards people like Robin D’Angelo with key positions in his administration and federal bureaucracy. 

They will be armed with the power of the Federal Government to enforce party orthodoxy in matters of race, abortion, human sexuality and transgender madness; all of which will cripple our religious liberties and our nation.

Rod Dreher has been warning for years about the rise of the “soft totalitarianism” of social justice warriors and the threat this poses to traditional Christians and religious liberty in our nation.

And this new Red Guard will get more emboldened and aggressive the more our weak leaders and institutions genuflect before the new Jacobins.   

The Republican Party is in need of reform and strong leaders who will fight for our nation and people against the onslaught of the radical left.  Too many of our political and religious leaders have been silent, weak, or worse, caved to the mob.  I fear for our nation’s future should the Democrats gain control of the White House.

We need to hold the line on the encroaching madness and chaos of this new Red Guard, and stop the radical expansion of abortion up to and immediately after birth that will come with a pro abortion administration in Washington.

Your vote has never been more important. 

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